20 Photos Of Cats That Are Seriously Crackin’ Us Up

©Wikimedia Commons

Cats are good for a lot of things: comfort, companionship, and LOTS OF LAUGHS.

And these cats are seriously on fire in the comedy department.

1. Resting spot

This guy found the best in the park place to rest
byu/Floolight inaww

2. All over each other

These cats
byu/Ryozuo inAnimalsBeingDerps

3. The tiniest kitty

Waiting for food
byu/Shatterize inaww

4. Not a joke

Am I a joke to you, Brenda?
byu/nippyrox inaww

5. Always ready for a rub

Not missing an opportunity
byu/bill_murrey inaww

6. Couldn’t figure it out

Instructions were unclear.
by infunny

7. Open it!

by infunny

8. What is this new thing?

Who’s that?
byu/JanBasketMan inaww

9. Maxin’ and relaxin’

My cat when he thinks there’s no one home.
byu/Ralph_the_Cat inaww

10. Nice sweater

My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.
byu/HadoukenKitty inaww

11. All dressed up

My office lets me bring my cat to work, so I bought him some ties
byu/reggaegirl420 inaww

12. Hello!

I thought this deserved to be shared
byu/DayDreamer089 incats

13. Listen, Grasshopper

This cat looks like a gruff old kung fu master
byu/BookerDeWittsCarbine inaww

14. Liquid

PsBattle: Sleeping Cat in Bowl-shaped Scratching Post Bed.
byu/00zim00 inphotoshopbattles

15. And snug

So smol. So smug.
byu/Dazeofthephoenix incats

16. Bag check

Went to volunteer at the Humane Society, and the security bag check was pretty intense.
byu/Tacotimeisallthetime inaww

17. Listening intently

The council has spoken
byu/arterialbloodspray infunny

18. LOL

byu/emptydictionary inaww

19. Skinny/Fat

Skinny Cat vs Fat Cat (Snow Edition)
byu/Metalkon infunny

20. This is the greatest thing ever

Count Catula the Vampire Cat claims another victim.
byu/oligarchyoligarchy inpics