20 Incredible Now and Then Photos of Lifelong Friendships


If you’re lucky enough to find good people in this life, do yourself a favor and hang on to them forever. I’ve been friends with some of my really close pals (male and female) for over 20 years now, and I consider myself to be truly blessed in that department.

Here are “now and then” photos of 20 great lifetimes friendships.

To friends! Cheers!

1. “Then And Now. Best Friends, 59 Years Later”

Then and now

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2. “My Best Friends And I After 9 Years”

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3. BFF

My little brother and his best friend in a tub. Then and now.
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4. “Best Buddies At 10, 17 And 29 Years Old”

Best Buddies at 10, 17 and 29 years old
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5. This is great

Every five years from 1982-2012, five men take the same photo at their cabin at Copco Lake in California. They plan on adding a 2017 photo this summer.
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6. 30 years strong

Best friends for over 30 years…..
byu/phathiker inPastAndPresentPics

7. Dirty boys

20+ years later we are still a bunch of dirty boys
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8. Pretty amazing

9. Graduation day

[deleted by user]
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10. Always time for pizza

Best Buds Fueling Up Before Hitting The Town (x-post from /r/PastAndPresentPics)
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11. 1998-2014

Lucky to have the same best friend since our first day of kindergarten to our first day of living together for our last year of college. From 1998-2014
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12. Still celebrating birthdays together

A picture of my buddy and I, on my 10th and 22nd birthdays.
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13. That’s a great one

Four friends, then and now, 38 years apart (1978 – 2016).
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14. Bowling is friendship

Still Friends at 40 (repost recommend from Pics)
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15. Down the road

Almost 20 years down the road, then & now…
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16. Still the same

7 years and nothings changed
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17. You did great!

My friend and I have been best friends our entire lives. So we made our Moms a then and now picture frame of our preschool graduation and our high school graduation. How did we do?
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18. That’s what friends are for

Then and now: my best friend in the whole world. She was diagnosed with leukemia almost 2 years ago and has just recently been given weeks to live. I love her more than anything.
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19. Don’t change


20. Goofballs

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BFF! All the way!