20 Little-Known Words You Can Use to Win Your Next Scrabble Game


I have some friends who are in some serious Scrabble grudge matches that might just end their friendships with certain people.

And now I’m going to interject myself into the equation! How? Because here are 20 little-known words that you can use in your next Scrabble game that will blow your opponent’s mind and maybe put you over the top for a win!

You’re welcome!

1. Oxyphenbutazone

A type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Muzjiks

A Russian peasant.

3. Qi

The energy of life flowing through the body.

4. Qat

A shrub that grows in the Middle East and Africa.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

5. Xu

A coin that used to be minted in South Vietnam.

6. Cwm

A half-open hollow on a mountainside.

7. Beziques

A card game played with a pack of 48 cards (two of each suit for high cards).

Photo Credit: Pexels

8. Caziques

Black-and-red or black-and-yellow orioles of the American tropics.

9. Highjack

Alternate spelling of hijack.

10. Oxazepam

A tranquilizing drug used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and alcohol withdrawal.

11. Quixotry

Quixotic action or thought.

12. Vizcacha

A burrowing rodent.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

13. Chutzpah

Unbelievable gall; supreme self-confidence.

14. Quetzals

The basic unit of money in Guatemala; large bird of Central and South America.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

15. Whizbang

A small high-velocity shell; a firecracker that makes a whizzing sound followed by an explosion.

16. Wheezily

With a wheeze.

17. Exorcize

Drive out or attempt to drive out (an evil spirit) from a person or place.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

18. Zombify

To turn into a zombie.

19. Jezebel

A shameless, impudent, scheming woman.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

20. Zymurgy

The branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation.

It’s time to dominate! Good luck!