20 Men Share the “Unmanly” Things They Like to Do

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Society suggests that men do some things and not other things. Some people consider it “unmanly” for men to do (and enjoy) certain things.

Well you what society and some people can do? Go fuck themselves, that’s what! Do what you want and do what makes you happy!

Let’s hear from the men of AskReddit about this topic.

1. I feel this one.

“Baths, for real.

Bath bombs rule, my favorite one turns the water black and sparkly and smells like peppermint.”

2. Interior decorator.

“I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking up furniture/wall art/etc. just fantasizing about how I’m going to decorate it when I finally get my own place.”

3. A lot of fun!


It’s pretty fun! I made half a sock yesterday.”

4. Sweet drinks.

“I have a friend who’s into weightlifting, massive beard, tattoos and generally pretty manly looking.

His drink of choice is Amaretto and cranberry juice. I usually like a Guinness or a whiskey. Whenever we’ve gone to a bar and ordered drinks, the barman/maid has always thought the cranberry one is for me.

Admittedly, it’s fairly tasty.”

5. Get on board, fellas.


I take my wife to get a manicure/pedicure and for an extra $30 I get a foot soak with massage, nails trimmed and the cracked callouses ground down to manageable. I spend 100% of my free time in Hiking boots or flip flops, gnarly heels being the result. No shame in my game.

Take care of your feet, lads!”

6. Sounds good to me.

“High tea.

I don’t care who you are. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten tiny cucumber sandwiches and scones off a three-story silver party platter.”

7. You do you.

“I sing personal remixes of popular songs to my pets where I replace words in the song with their name.

A lot of the time they’re Disney songs.”

8. Take care of that skin.

“I moisturize.

My skin is very dry and gets itchy. I scratch, make it sore, which then makes it itchy, so I scratch….Moisturizing stops this cycle.”

9. Quality time.

“Playing and doing “girly” things with my daughter.

She’s 4 and I want to be interactive and engaged with her. Sometimes that means playing “tea party” or painting OUR nails. As in both of us.

No problem .”

10. Babysitting.

“When I babysit for my friends 3 yr old daughter, I happily watch my little pony, have tea parties and paint flowers.

I’m a 280 lb ex rugby player with a big ginger beard and I have no shame in saying that fluttershy is the best pony.”

11. Gardening is great!


It’s great being able to grow things from just seeds.”

12. A good thing.

“Everyone needs a little bit of therapy.

Even if you’re perfectly fine, everyone needs someone to talk to.”

13. Time to clean it up.

“Occasionally I’ll shave my armpits and/or legs.

I’m sure it looks a little strange because I have a beard, but it makes me feel so much cleaner.”

14. Write it down.

“I like to journal occasionally.

Getting my feelings out on paper can really help.”

15. Let it all out.

“Hugging my kids, apologizing to them when I’m wrong (“sorry I accused you of making a mess outside, I just learned it was the neighbors’ kid”), and showing them it’s okay to have and express feelings.

Yes, daddy can get teary eyed too when watching a sad movie.

Also as an extension of apologizing for having done wrong, being able to back down.

When in an argument and find out you’re wrong, it’s not weak to say “I didn’t know that. Sorry, I was wrong.”.

Learning from those experiences has much more worth than doubling down to protect your own ego.”

16. We’re done here.

“Listening to Taylor Swift.

I had a friend tell me that was wussy and that he wouldn’t be friends with anyone who listened to her.

So I listened to what he said and acted accordingly, by ending the friendship.”

17. Bring ’em on!

“Watching Romantic Comedies. Kate and Leopold, Mr and Mrs Smith, etc.

I grew up around all females so I think it just became something I enjoyed.”

18. Hey, you look great!

“Telling my male friends they look good.

Generally trying to build each other up, speaking about emotional issues we have. A lot of people feel its not manly to do so but I think its important and it feels great having a group of guys that doesn’t just bash each other all the time.”

19. I love cleaning.

“Housecleaning, vacuuming, laundry, grocery shopping. Been doing it since I was a kid.

The magic pixies aren’t going to do it.”

20. And there you have it.

“When your 4 1/2 year old daughter wants to be ballerinas, well then god dammit you pirouette like a motherfucker.”

I like what these guys are up to!

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