20 People Make Fun of British Accents With These Savage Tweets

Photo Credit: Flickr

Ready to have a spot of fun? In the vein of White People Be Like, the latest Twitter craze targets a more, shall we say, specific group of folks.

British people! More specifically, their accents!

Do the kind British people like this? No!

But we love them and their accents so we have gathered a selection of tweets roasting the way they sound, because we’re treasonous and immature.

1. I Thought They Liked T.

2. Rolls Off the Tongue.

3. British People, Chime in Anytime.

4. These are Fun to Say Out Loud.

5. All Joe King Here.

6. Everything Sounds Like My Fair Lady.

7. “Bob’s Your Uncle.”

8. “Oh, yew shouldn’ ‘ave.”

9. So Charming.

10. So Polite.

11. I Could Listen All Day.

12. It’s Like a Rosetta Stone for Going to England.

13. We’d Blend Right In.

14. They Boil Meat Too.

15. Aww.

16. Peppa Pig!

17. Are Thems Fightin’ Words?

18. Sound Advice.

19. Adorable.

20. Okay, Now My Head Hurts.

While it is true we speak the same language, it takes some effort for us Americans to completely understand everything said in a conversation with a Brit.

I’m sure they have no issues understanding Americans at all. We speak with clarity and proper annunciation. Even if they came up with Americans Be Like, we’re pretty tough-skinned.

I say, bring it!