20 People Offer the Weirdest Facts They Know…for Some Reason

What’s the weirdest fact you know?

I’m talking about the most out-of-this world, bizarre fact that most human beings should have no business knowing?

Think about that while we dive into some oddness!

Let’s see what kind of weird facts AskReddit users have rattling around their brains.

1. Weird!

“If you have a shrimp allergy you also can’t eat cicadas.”

2. Who knew?

“Before clocks were invented clockwise and counter clockwise were called deisul and widdershins.”

3. Kind of scary.

“Most dying people don’t just slow down breathing and stop silently like the movies. The agonal breathing they do the last few hours or minutes is often startlingly loud.

But it makes their CO2 so high that they are unconscious and not suffering, it’s just hard on the hearer.”

4. Wooohooo!

“Probably the most innocent fact here but- chickens (hens) have an egg song when they lay an egg.

It’s like them yelling “I JUST LAID AN EGG! WOOOO!” And then the other hens chime in yelling “YAAAS SHE JUST LAID AN EGG! WOOO!””

5. Be careful.

“Male hedgehogs mast*rbate for pleasure and you have to be careful picking them up because sometimes they have semen on their feet.

It’s something you have to look out for when you’re a hedgehog owner like myself.”

6. Wow!

“Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel called Zabibah and the King.”

7. Odd.

“Urine is historically one of the biggest exports that Newcastle UK ever had.

It was used for a variety of purposes especially for making ammonia to make paint.”

8. That’s crazy.

“Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a really popular novel, and was made into a stage play.

The actor playing the eponymous role(s) was so good at switching from the good doctor to the evil Hyde that people wrote to the police claiming that he absolutely had to be the real Jack the Ripper (who was thought likely to be a qualified doctor based on the way he dissected his victims).

They thought no normal person would be able to make such a transformation.”

9. Oh, thanks.

“You can neutralize the smell of a rotting corpse by covering it with the ashes of a common camp fire!

Any wood ash should work, friends.”

10. What a coincidence.

“The last person who died building the Hoover Dam was the son of the first person who died building it.”

11. Don’t try it.

“Licking marshmallows and sticking them on a car on a night below freezing will cause the marshmallows to adhere so strongly that if they are removed while still frozen they will take the car paint with them.”

12. Fight to the death.

“An important predator to the Canadian Moose is the Killer whale.

The Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by the killer whales.”

13. War is Hell.

“That in WWII the United States designed “bat bombs”

Basically canisters filled with bats strapped with incendiary devices

The idea was that you drop them over a Japanese city, which were largely wood structures at the time. The bats roost in attics and so on, then after a certain amount of time they detonate.”

14. Really?

“It’s illegal to be intoxicated in a bar in Alaska.

I won a trivia game at work because I happened to know this obscure fact. The lady organizing it accused me of cheating because no one had ever known the answer to “in which state is it illegal to be drunk in a bar?”

I’ve known it for so long I don’t even remember where I learned it.”

15. Oh, rats!

“Rats constantly leave a trail of urine while dragging their tails. You can follow the trail with a UV light.”

16. I did not know that!

“Redheads require more anesthesia drugs to remain unconscious during surgery.”

17. A long way down.

“The farthest fall for a human being to survive without a parachute is 33,300 feet.”

18. Ugh!

“Many deaths in the Middle Ages resulted from pigs wandering into peasant homes and eating babies out of their cradles.”

19. Good to know.

“MLB umpires are required to wear black underwear in case their pants split during a game.”

20. Whoa!

“Imagine this:

You’re walking down the road, and you see a car crash. Someone gets out of a car, and you realize it’s someone you know, so you call their name. They turn, and crumple to the ground.

What happened? They dislocated a bone in their neck, and when they turned their neck, they fully snapped it. There’s a bunch of stories of this happening to people, which is very scary.”

Okay, now it’s your turn

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