20 People on What They Consider Life’s Little Joys

Maybe the little things in life are different for everyone, but I don’t think so. They could vary here and there, but when it comes to human beings, most of us aren’t so very different.

Which is to say, if you’re not taking the time to stop and smell the 20 metaphorical roses below, you just might be missing out.

20. Animals are the best things.

When my cat waits for me to hold open the covers so he can creep underneath the blanket and cuddle me.

19. Such an accomplishment.

Finally getting that little piece of food out that’s been stuck in your teeth for hours.

18. Cats aren’t so bad I guess.

When I come home from dealing with people [exhausting] all day, and my cat does the little brrppps at me as soon as I walk in the door.

It fills my soul with happiness and refills my social battery.

17. Idk why this is so wholesome but it is.

The parking lot near my place occasionally has a van parked in it.

The van has a license plate that says SALAD.

Whenever I see this van I will say “it’s the salad man, in his salad van!”

I know this is stupid. I know it to my core.

But I also know my life is ever so slightly better because of that salad man. It fills me with happiness to see his salad van.

16. If only I had the skills.

Playing Chopin on the piano.

Chopin has a piece for every possible mood I’m in at the moment.

15. Ice cream is never a downer.

The chocolate bit at the end of a drumstick 🙂

14. Makes my heart happy.

Watching my old dog sleep comfortably.

He came from a highly abusive home with trust issues and then I started fostering him when he was about 9 years old, adopted him a few months later and we’re getting close to 3 years now.

These days he mostly sleeps next to my desk as I work and next to my bed when I sleep, wish I had him earlier in life but I’ll take what I can get.

13. I love that first sip of coffee.

I wake up at 6:00 am before my wife and 6mo old son.

The house is dark and silent. I pour a cup of coffee and sit down on the couch. The moment that first sip hits my lips…

I’m not dad yet. I’m not husband yet. I’m just me in that moment, without a care in the world.

I’ll add that I adore my family, but that one moment each day is a nice little breath of fresh air.

12. Any sort.

I feel happiness when I eat a potato.

11. It’s like a dream.

When it’s cold in your room but perfect temperature under the covers and you’re spending the entire day snoozing in bed.

10. If he can do it, so can you.

So there’s this blackbird that can be seen from my balcony pretty much every day.

There’s a yard in front of my complex and this little dude is always busy with his little blackbird errands.

You can see him from day to night.

I just like watching him do his stuff.

He’s such a trooper, you know?

9. It’s the reason for pets!

When I randomly wake up at night and notice that my cat is sleeping cuddled against me or next to my head on my pillow.

He doesn’t like to cuddle but at night he is often very close to me.

8. Especially if no one has woken you up.

for me, it’s the morning after a deep sleep.

The first stretch, the sun hitting your face, the sleep marks on your body, everything is amazing about it and makes me so happy

7. Puts you in your place.

Seeing the wildlife in the park that is basically my back yard.

Owls, eagles, otters, beavers, all the little birds, turtles…

6. There’s nothing like a good grandma.

Playing chinese checkers with my grandma and playing her music from her time in my phone.

5. Feel the stress wind out of you.

I had one of those rare occasions where I ran a bath last night and I got it to the perfect temperature.

Nothing worse than a tepid bath.

Alongside I made myself a cup of tea to take in and it was the perfect blend of tea and milk.

The gods were smiling down on me that night.

4. Definitely written by a man.

I’m surprised no one mentioned it.

But a perfect poop.

3. Even if it only takes an hour.

Putting food in the bird feeder, then sitting on my back porch and watching them come eat it.

2. The most wonderful time of the year.

Fall time and this general nostalgia for the time around October and November, true transition into hoodie weather.

Brings me back to the time when I was a little kid playing in the leaf heaps and the horror that was getting one stuck down the back of your shirt.

1. When you need a blank mind and an exhausted body.


Getting outside and seeing immediate results of my labor is very rewarding.

Plus a great workout.

These are definitely reminding me of how to look for the joys in every single day.

What do you consider some of life’s little joys? If they’re missing from our list, please share it with us in the comments!