20 People Respond to a Guy Who Says He “Loves” Getting His Sleeves Wet When He Washes His Hands

Reddit’s Unpopular opinion subreddit is the place to go if you want to be extremely uncomfortable interacting with your fellow human beings, but y’all…I think this guy takes the cake.

I enjoy getting my sleeves wet when I wash my hands. from unpopularopinion

Seriously. He wants to wet his sleeves while washing his hands so they stick to his wrists because it’s “pure bliss.”

If you’re literally cringing right now, just know that you’re not alone – these 20 people are horrified right along with you, because literally no one agreed with this particular unpopular opinion.

20. So many kinds of monsters…or just one kind?

I bet you bite into a Kit Kat bar without breaking it first too.

19. I feel the same.

I didn’t even pay for this but I want my money back.

18. OK, so maybe it’s a thing?

I love the feeling of my wrists being cool. If I’m ever having anxiety/anger/etc I just run ice cold water over my wrists for minute or so. So satisfying.

17. He’s serious, though.

Say “sike!” right now!

16. That should have been disclosed.

I just found out my husband does this. It’s borderline grounds for divorce.

15. Please nobody say they like this.

I find it to be the equivalent of your socks getting wet when you step in a small puddle of something.

14. We were warned.

Well boys the anti-christ has arrived.

13. Another weirdo ftw.

I remember when i was kid i would immediately go to the bathroom after coming home from school and pour water on my feet while wearing socks and shoes.

It was a nice feeling and it made me feel relaxed.

I stopped doing it when i realized that it could make my feet smelly.

12. There is more than one of them.

It is not, just today I let my sleeves get soaked because I’ve been working outside.

It’s heaven honestly.

11. Credit where credit is due.

That’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen on this sub.

Also, this might be the most unpopular opinion, so upvote.

10. It’s hard to stomach.

I don’t believe it.

9. And that’s a good thing?

I once saw a post about how swimming while wearing jeans was the most amazing thing ever…

He/she compared it to swimming with some an armored carapace, lol

8. It was definitely this guy.

Yes officer..

This redditor right here

7. So maybe if your office is super hot?

This made me really mad at first but if you work outside, I get it.

I used to work in the summer lifting 25lb oyster cages out of the water in the burning sun.  I’d wear a white long sleeve shirt and soak it throughout the day. Gross in any other context but that one. The evaporation cools you.

But if you like that in an office environment, that’s weird dude.

6. Such compliments!

You f*cking sadist.

5. I guess it’s what they’ve been waiting for?

This is the only unpopular opinion that made me disagree and this sub lacks it so upvoted.

4. A pod person, for sure.

he walks among us but is not one of us.

3. Try not to shudder.

Yup, I can feel my wrists chafing.

2. More important than ever in this day and age.

You do realize people roll up sleeves to wash up to their wrists and correctly wash their hands. Not to their sleeves.

You’re not washing your hands the right way.

1. We all know that no good can come of that.

This guy is on the gateway drug that leads to showering with socks on.

I cannot with this guy!

If you agree with him, please, please, tell us how on earth in the comments.