20 People Share True Stories of Fooling Around on the Down Low With Neighbors

It sounds like something from a…erm…adult film.

The new neighbor stops by to say hello. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just in a towel, I wasn’t expecting anyone. “No,” she says, twirling her hair in her finger and closing the door behind her. “The towell is just fine. Why don’t you show me around.”

A bass-heavy theme starts playing. You know the rest.

I don’t know if something like that is how any of these real neighbor-cheating scenarios went, but I’d kind of like to think so.

20. “The father of my child.”

Again, you need to get away from each other.

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19. “I admitted to it.”

You can run from the people but not the problem.

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18. “My boyfriend is locked up.”

I’m sure he’ll love that bit of news.

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17. “I refuse to tell my neighbor.”

Well somebody’s gotta know.

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16. “Losing my virginity.”

That’s quite a step there.

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15. “Just to get back at him.”

Yeah I coulda told you that wasn’t gonna work.

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14. “He never found out.”

He hasn’t found out yet.*

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13. “I feel really bad.”

Hey, I would too.

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12. “I really regret it.”

It’s a familiar tune.

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11. “It was soo much better.”

That’s not a great sign of things to come.

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10. “He’s playing two girls.”

Well, you two clearly need to break up immediately.

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9. “I don’t know what to do.”

That right there is a no win situation.

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8. “This complicates things.”

It’s all fun and games until…

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7. “I don’t love my husband anymore.”

That all sounds perfectly horrible, thanks.

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6. “She has no idea.”

Doesn’t mean she won’t find out eventually.

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5. “I don’t know how to leave.”

That’s a long time to hold that in.

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4. “To be with him instead.”

As always, the choice is yours.

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3. “My boyfriend of 8 months.”

The Barracuda is a nice little bit of color for the story.

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2. “Can’t stop thinking…”

So close and yet so far.

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1. “I still don’t feel guilty.”

Well, that’s rather telling.

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There’s a whole lotta yikes floating around up there.

Have you ever been involved in a cheating situation?

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