20 People Share What Comes To Mind When They Hear The Word “Mexico”

Mexico is one of the States’ closest neighbors, and even though our relationship can be contentious at times, there’s no doubt that Americans love to visit Mexico’s resorts and blow off some steam.

This person on Reddit wants to know what comes to mind when the word “Mexico” is said, and these 20 people are willing to oblige.

20. Favorite foods.


Back when I was growing up in Chicago’s little village neighborhood circa 2002ish, you could find an elotero on every freaking corner. I’m talking corn, butter, mayo, cheese.

You could also get fresh fruit with chili y limon. Also lots of ice cream vendors with little bells on their carts. What a time to be alive lol.

Anywho cheers to finding elote in your area!

19. You can grab essentials anywhere.

Corner home stores. Blew my mind that people opened up a store in there living room or kitchen. Or Oxxo, got all my snacks there

I spent my summers in Mexico visiting family and those stores were my life line. Loved everything about it and would never trade it for anything

18. Music of the world.

Mariachi bands.

17. Wave the flag.

The flag (which I think is cool), the “yellow filter” meme, and good food.

Idk if its in any other films but its a huge visual trope in Breaking Bad.

New Mexico/Arizona desert looks just like Mexican desert so they heavily grade the picture yellow whenever theres a scene in Mexico.

16. I’m a fan of both.

Putting lime in everything.

Chili on everything, even drinks and fruits.

15. A blessed combination.

Tacos and cheap prescription drugs.

14. Roaming chickens.

Bruh i live in guadalajara (second largest city) and the city is super urban and modern, like really modern in most parts and yet, chickens, horses, cows and goats roam around the whole city and everyone just accepts it like a normal everyday thing

13. If that’s your thing.

The shape of the country in a map. I’m not very good at geography or recalling shapes but Mexico has a very distinct one.

One state in Mexico (San Luis Potosí) is shaped like a Schnauzer dog and Zacatecas is kicking it in the throat.

12. The best holiday ever.

Best holiday every. Met up with friends we met the year before in the south of France in San Luis Potosi. Stayed with their families for a week (grandma made breakfast every morning and we played domino with her every evening).

When we left we gave her a book about the Netherlands, written in Spanish and tears were flowing. Traveled another 2 weeks starting in Mexico City and going to Vera Cruz, Palenque, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido and back to Mexico City.

Never met friendlier people than Mexicans and the food. Oh my god, so food. Again. Best holiday ever!

11. Food you can’t forget.

There is this soup I had at someone’s house in the middle of nowhere in Mexico and I think about it all the time.

It had hominy and pork and it was red but not tomatoes, I think it was some kind of pepper broth, it was so good and I will never forget it.

10. The history.

There are a lot of pre-hispanic civilizations that took place in Mexico long before the Aztecs. Some even defeated the growing Aztecs (Mexicas) before they became the empire they are recognized for.

An interesting fact about the Aztecs —compared to other civilizations— is that it is not well known their exact origin. It is known that they came from some part of the north of Mexico.

They claimed to be the chosen ones to rule the valley of Mexico, so apparently they destroyed every evidence of their past, maybe to hide a more humble and poor origin of the group.

9. The real stuff.


I’ve been questing IRL for years now to get the taco with the real taste of Mexico. Every new quest is met with flavors untold. And the sides! I’ve gained so much, but mostly just a rocking dad bod taco belly.

Forget taco Tuesdays. Tacos for life!

8. Engraved in my brain.

Acapulco and El Chavo del Ocho.

The theme music for el chavo/ elChapulín Colorado is engraved in my brain

7. Like nothing else.

“Avocados from Mexico!”

Funny story about that ad is that (at least in California) it reduced sales of avocados from Mexico. It brought to people’s awareness that some avocados were imported so people started buying the USA avocados instead lol

6. Little cuties.

Axolotls I just love those little salamanders.

They’re like real-life pokemon.

5. Mexican Coke ftw.

Mexican flag and a glass bottle coke.

Mexican coca cola is just better. I believe most of the world uses cane sugar with only the US and Canada using corn syrup.

4. A rainbow.

I think of colourful stuff, pinatas, spicy food, sangria, long wavy black hair, cool pronunciation, dia de muertos!

3. Makes sense.


2. The best water.

Unbelievably beautiful deep blue crystal clear water filled sinkholes in the Mayan Riviera.

1. The cool culture.

Dia de Los muertos.

I recently found out Mexicans actually call it “Día de muertos”. Only in the US it includes “los” due to the way it translates from “day of the dead.”

The dominant US effect on world culture also makes the US understanding of Mexican culture spread to the rest of the world. Even in Spain, Colombia, and Venezuela, I’ve seen “Mexican food” mean Ortega taco shells and Dia de Muertos listed as Dia de Los Muertos.

I mean, any answer is valid, I guess.

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