20 People Sound off on Unexpected Movie Endings That They Hated

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You’ve heard the term “Hollywood ending” before.

It’s when everything gets wrapped up in a perfect bow and the conclusion of a movie and everyone lives happily ever after.

Well, not all movies end like that. In fact, some end very unexpectedly and filmgoers can get really pissed off.

You’re about to see what I’m talking about when you read these responses from people who hated the way a movie ended.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. WTF?

“The Devil Inside, the movie was basic horror “everyone dies” fare, but it suddenly ends after a car crash and a title card appears listing a website for more info and the movie just ends.

Seriously one of the worst endings imaginable.”

2. The other Frozen.


And I don’t mean the Disney movie. I mean the one about the skiers stuck on the ski lift.”

3. Didn’t see that coming.

“A Cure For Wellness

Discount doctor red skull goes Buffalo Bill while trying to fuck his daughter, fight ensues, gets shovel to the face and eaten by magic eels. The End.”

4. Maybe don’t pay it forward.

“Pay It Forward.”

I saw this at a preview screening. People were straight up pissed.

They should have changed the title to, “Don’t help people. You’ll die.””

5. What about the children?!?!

“Bridge to Terabithia

Thought it was going to be a fantasy film, then discovered just their imaginations. Then the ending happened.

I heard parents were pissed because they took their kids to see a light hearted movie.”

6. That’s a rough one.

“My Girl.

Not quite the ending but I think you all know the part I mean.”

7. An abrupt ending.

“It wasn’t a BAD ending, but it was way too sudden. Karate Kid. It went like this:

They’re fighting… BANG Daniel kicks the other fella in the nose. Everyone cheers and surrounds him. The old Japanese fella nods approvingly. Aaaaand its done. That’s it. Credits. No resolution whatsoever.”

8. Phoning it in.

“Reign of Fire.

Great post apocalypse movie. The angels jumping scene was fan-fucking-tastic! Once that scene is over, the movie goes to absolute shit and makes no sense. The whole “magic hour” thing was a cop-out.

The dragon kept changing size. One scene it’s as big or bigger than the castle they live in, then it’s small enough to get down narrow alleys.

The whole third act seemed like they just phoned it in and couldn’t figure out what to do with the story. It had so much potential.”

9. Sorry about that…

“When I was little my mother sent my brothers and I to a “Disney movie”. Safe choice, right?

All 3 of us were bawling our eyes out when she picked us up after.

The movie was Old Yeller.”

10. Disgusted.

“Suicide Squad.

Tore a city apart and broke a man down to the point of comminitting full arson against enemies just to get thrown back in cages, I was disgusted.”

11. NEVER watch a dog movie.

“Marley and Me.

My mom had taken me, my sister, and our friends to see the movie thinking it was a comedy. It wasn’t a comedy.

By the time the end came, we were all bawling. I don’t watch dog movies anymore.”

12. A Quiet Place.

“I just saw A Quiet Place, and the movie is really good.

The final scene though, when all of the other monsters start swarming towards the house, and Emily Blunt cocks the shotty… it was just weird.

Like, they’ve been terrified this whole time of dying and now she’s Doomguy about to fuck shit up? It just didn’t sit well with me.”

13. Not buying it.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still (the remake with Keanu Reeves).

The original movie left the audience with a warning. People on earth are shitty, and they need to shape up. Watch out, or aliens will teach you a lesson you won’t forget.

In the remake, aww, Keanu Reeves was nice to the kid. Maybe humanity’s worth saving, after all. We, the audience, don’t have to have any introspection. There’s no threat, because we’re aaaaaaalright.”

14. I HATED this movie.


It’s 143 minutes of showing seemingly random connections that ruin everyone’s lives. I saw it in the theater when it came out, when the credits started someone literally said “I just sat here for that?”

At which point people applauded him.”

15. French horror.

“High Tension really pushed my limits at the end.

I’m not a fan of “Oh, it was all in her head and she’s the bad one” especially when you are seeing her be attacked during the film.

I dunno, this one has always stuck with me.”

16. Unexpected, for sure.

“Ok, don’t get me wrong, Shutter Island has a great ending, but it made me so angry at the same time.

It just wasn’t happy and was pretty unexpected. Which is why it’s great at the same time.”

17. Not prepared for that.

“When I was 8 my aunt took me to see The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, not realizin what it would be about. She didn’t read the book, so to her it seemed like a heartwarming story about companionship between two boys.

Most of the movie was fine. I didn’t know what the Holocaust was but I got the drift. It wasn’t until they got into the gas chamber at the end that my child-self started bawling bc I knew they probably died. It was the first non-happy ending I ever saw and it took me a little while to reconcile what had happened and the fact that some events are just cruel.

18. Why’d you do that???

“It pissed me off in Titanic that she threw the jewel in the ocean at the end. She could have at least sold it and left the money to her daughter.

Or even given it to the guy she told the story to. Knowing he was looking for it she deceived him by not telling him she had it in the first place.

Awful ending to an otherwise great movie.”

19. A real stinker.

“City of Angels.

One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen but that ending was a complete bamboozle.”

20. Can’t say I’ve seen this one…

“Dracula 3000.

The blond actress suddenly says she’s a sex robot, and then the ship explodes.”

Well, there you have it…

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