People Are Just Now Finding Out Dolly Parton’s Company Secretly Produced ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Image Credit: The WB

There are a few WB shows from the 90s that would vie for the title of “defined a generation” – looking at you, Dawson’s Creek and Felicity – but you definitely can’t enter into the conversation without Buffy playing a big role.

Like Dawson’s Creek introduced us to Kevin Williamson and Felicity launched J.J. Abrams into the public consciousness, Buffy put now-controversial but still-mostly-loved director Joss Whedon in the spotlight for the first time.

Buffy isn’t perfect, but she holds such formative place in so many of our lives. That show is probably one of the main reasons I decided to major in television and film in college, and is also the first time I felt like it was okay to enjoy fantasy and other genre fiction.


If there’s someone else in our lives that we love, that has defined people, that has shown us that it’s okay to for women to be many things, including successful and fierce and pretty and vulnerable, it’s one Dolly Parton.


One of her production companies, Sandollar Entertainment, founded in 1986, is behind both Buffy and Angel.

Finding out that one of those people brought us the other? It kind of blew minds apart all over the internet.


So, that’s it. Dolly Parton is a national treasure and I will hear no arguments to the contrary.

You can’t convince me otherwise. Just believe!