I’m guilty of having looked up a teacher or two a few years since high school, but it never dawned on me they might be looking up their old students, too! These teachers did just that and shared some of the responses with AskReddit. Take a look at some surprising finds and some not so surprising ones:

1. The student that got his life together

One of my students was the typical stoner. Extremely smart, easily one of my top students. He just couldn’t be asked to care.

I pushed him in my class and he pulled an A. Apparently one of his first. He graduates and the other teachers assume that he’ll be getting a dead end job in no time.

Fast forward 2 years later I find out that he’s a sales exec with a massive German shipping company on the fast track to management. He has a ridiculously hot Brazilian girlfriend, and seems like he got his things together.

I’m happy for him.

2. Oopsies! Busted!

My media law and ethics professor liked a 95 week old post on my Instagram. I only noticed because I was on the app and tapped the notification as soon as I saw it. He ‘unliked’ it almost immediately.

Two weeks later in class we were covering social media ethics and in his lecture made a comment about looking us up online, then said he was joking, he hadn’t done it. But I saw that like.

3. “A real life situation”

My teacher told us a story from when he was at another school. He was supposed to do an IT class, and he looked up all the students’ names in advance and memorized them. You can imagine the shock on the students’ faces. He then proceeded to data fish them by creating a fake google login page on his own website. Of course he didn’t do any harm, he just sent an email back containing their passwords.

Their reaction was “Well that was a good lesson, but we wouldn’t fall for this in a real life situation” to which he replied

“If you didn’t notice it already this was a real life situation.”

4. From nothing to something

I knew a kid in high school who was doing some pretty awful things, would go around smashing windows, throwing rocks at cars for fun, etc. Later on, he had a really bad drug habit and got arrested for telling the cops he was robbed at gunpoint for money but it turns out he was lying.

Recently saw an article in a finance website that quoted some of his investing tactics. Looked him up on Facebook and he’s a very, very wealthy stock broker or something in NYC.

5. Disappointed

I was looking up some of my former students yesterday. My first group is going into high school next year. I had them in 2nd grade. I was hoping to see some pics of their 8th grade graduation so I could be proud, but I just see a lot of pics of middle fingers and saying how much they hate school…

I guess I should wait a few years until my sweet 2nd graders get through the edgy preteen/young teen phase.

6. Concert Pianists

I’m following 2 piano majors – both wonderful students – who are now playing duets in concerts on a regular basis.

Not only that, but just as I suspected would happen, they’ve announced their engagement and will marry in September. They’re an attractive couple and well-liked – it’ll be fun to see how their careers develop.

7. “A mixed bag”

I spent 11 years teaching in a very impoverished, rural area. Many of the kids came from homes with a family member incarcerated or spending time in rehab. Many had parents on disability or working multiple jobs. I had kids (this was elementary school) bring marijuana or knives to school. My first year there was the county’s attempt to turn the school around. Previously, many of the teachers just let the kids do whatever they wanted. Coming into that was rough, but I am proud to say I feel like my colleagues and I made a real impact over the years. I have had several students go on to college and get great jobs or go to vocational school to get an excellent job in that field. I have run into students around town doing steady retail or blue collar jobs, making a good living, very happy, and I am so proud. On the other hand, I have also had many students get pregnant before graduating high school (and never finish). They are on welfare. Others have fallen into dealing drugs (or so I have heard). One made the news for getting into an altercation with a rival gang member. They shot at each other. Neither was hurt badly, but my former student was arrested. So, it’s been a mixed bag.