21 Photos Of Interesting Things People Found In The Forest

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The deep, dark woods. You never know what you’re gonna get out there in the forest, do you? Could be a strange animal, a masked madman (hopefully not), or just something unsettling that you can’t explain.

All of these folks encountered weird stuff out there, and they shared their photos with the world.


1. That’s kinda sweet

Found this in the woods while trail riding
by inpics

2. A portal?

Found this in the woods today
byu/Horrorshow13 inpics

3. Another dimension?

Me and my girlfriend were walking in the woods the other week and saw a rainbow pool for the first time
by inpics

4. Don’t go in there

Abandoned Russian house found in the woods
byu/13×37 increepy

5. Trippy

Standing in a huge pond that sinks every dry season
byu/bradyboh inmildlyinteresting

6. Demon tree

This tree I found hiking looks like a forest monster watching over you.
byu/Glit-toris inmildlyinteresting

7. That is crazy

I went for a walk in the forest and came upon this ponderosa pine tree that had been struck by lightning. I called the Forest Service and they eventually extinguished it, but not before I had time to get some photos. Near Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. [OC] [2834×2000]
byu/EliasButlerPhotos inEarthPorn

8. Hmmm

Found this sword in epping forest , England .anyone have any idea on what the history is ?
byu/CodeNameScythey inmetaldetecting

9. Lead the way

This stick I found looks like a burning torch, flame included!
byu/hoikarnage inmildlyinteresting

10. Mossy boot

This moss covered boot found in the woods.
byu/Neolism inmildlyinteresting

11. That’s odd

*shhh* it’s a flock of wild toilets roosting
byu/MyDougs inWTF

12. That’s a lot of dishware

I was driving through the back roads of Pennsylvania on the way to a camping spot and found a mountain of ceramic dishes and tea cups in the middle of the woods!?….
byu/Awesome_Clips inWTF

13. Do not enter

Abandoned train tunnel we found in the woods
by inAbandonedPorn

14. WTF is it?

Moved to Wisconsin. Found this in the woods!
byu/jaysokk inpics

15. Scary

What my parents found on their hike
by inpics

16. Ghost tree

So I was walking in a forrest near my city and found this

17. Explosive

My brother found this (missile?) in the woods in Tennessee
byu/mylittletoesie inwhatisthisthing

18. Who you gonna call?

Found this phone booth in the middle of the woods
byu/DavidGreenComic inmildlyinteresting

19. Holy sh*t

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Friend found this while hiking the Connecticut wilderness
by inpics

21. Oh my gosh would you dare walk through this thing?

Found this in the woods today from r/pics