20 Weird And Funny Mannequins That Stole The Show

I think there’s something about growing up in the 80s that makes me wary of mannequins. They’re just…a little too likely to come to life in the middle of night, in my mind.

That’s probably crazy, but hey. We all have our thing, right?

These 20 mannequins are trying to change my mind, though, because even though they are weird, they’re also funny – and who doesn’t love that?

20. A budding Picasso, here.

Or maybe just someone who wants to do animation for Tim Burton.

Quite a Mannequin. from mildlyinteresting

19. I have…several questions.

What is this doing in a science museum?

This Weird Ass Mannequin At The London Science Museum from WTF

18. That mannequin is not ok.

That expression can be nothing but a cry for help.

This mannequin of a boy in a Bulgarian shop. from oddlyterrifying

17. Why are there so many of them all together?

Why are they all staring at me?

Image Credit: Reddit

16. Truth in advertising.

Where can I get that halter dress tho.

This clothing store is undergoing construction, so they dressed their mannequins Appropriately. from mildlyinteresting

15. It looks like something from a movie set.

A weird, science fiction movie but still.

Not much customers around today, so I got creative with the bedsheets! from funny

14. He looks wayyyy too happy.

I now have suspicions about that hoodie.

This mannequin is hilarious. from funny

13. What do you suppose is so funny?

The little girl doesn’t seem to be in on the joke.

These creepy mannequins at my local store in Japan. from mildlyinteresting

12. Is it a human or an ogre?

Maybe it’s both. That could be a thing.

This Shrek-inspired mannequin from mildlyinteresting

11. I think I’d take him everywhere.

It might get old after awhile, though.

10. Those are some snazzy ladies.

I could never be so cool.

These super jazzy mannequins from funny

9. I think we all know what happened here.

Even if the mannequin isn’t talking.

Interesting choice in mannequin for a table saw display… from funny

8. He looks as if he knows something bad is about to happen.

This is not inspiring me to want to spend time in the hospital.

The training mannequins in my college. There is a control room to make them have heart attacks. This is the tamest one looks-wise from oddlyterrifying

7. Consider it a job…done.

That’s not exactly where eyelashes go, though.

Put the eyelashes on the mannequins, boss! from NotMyJob

6. Now we’re supposed to have tiny shark heads, too?

I could stand to have sharper teeth, though. That’d be cool.

5. Well, it needed a head.

Someone fixed the problem. No issue here!

blursed mannequin from blursedimages

4. What’s up the the arms and legs?

I’d like longer legs but those arms are whack.

Finally a realistic mannequins in women’s lingerie store from CrappyDesign

3. They look like they’re straight out of a horror movie.

That one doesn’t even have legs, y’all.

Elongated Mannequins from oddlyterrifying

2. The rabbit is fabulous.

That sign is throwing me for a loop, though.

A rabbit headed mannequin I spotted in Japan from mildlyinteresting

1. The face I am making right now.

Like, whoever created this thing needs to be stopped immediately.

Image Credit: Imgur

I don’t know who created these things, but my hat’s off to them, honestly.

Have you ever seen a hilarious mannequin that you couldn’t forget? Tell us about it in the comments!