20 Great Doggos Just Living Their Best Lives

Source: strikeoutsteph on Reddit

I’m sure you’ve seen this popular opinion on social media, but it keeps popping up because it’s true: We don’t deserve dogs. They’re the best. And it’s not up for debate.

So, to put you in a much better mood than you were in before you clicked on this link, I present to you, 20 Wholesome Dog Posts!


1. I love this!

You can be anything you want to!

A Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter
by inaww

2. Best. Friends. Forevah!

I guarantee you that BFFs isn’t enough to describe this bond.

I volunteer for a dog rescue, we love seeing updates of the dogs in their new homes. This one made me smile!
byu/Meems138 inaww

3. Comfort is needed

And this doggo will absolutely supply it!

4. Hello there team!

That smile is everything!

I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but her dogs love me
byu/ontpinry inaww

5. She loves it

And all dogs should have this kind of treatment. They give us so much.

My little girl who is 15 years old wanted to go to the park today, she’s a bit too old so I carried her down there, when we got there this is how she sat enjoying the sunshine. Love her to bits!
byu/pswfreathy inaww

6. Fitness plan FTW

Buddy! You did it!

My 90yo neighbor hasn’t walked her dog in years so I volunteered to do it for her. So proud of Buddy’s weight loss!!!
byu/strikeoutsteph inaww

7. He might be your dog now

Or maybe he wants you to your dog? Hmmm…

Hig will sit on my steps and howl until I open the door and acknowledge him. Also Hig is not my dog.
byu/shittymorph inaww

8. Another rescue

I am so here for this pic!

My daughter has a huge heart for dogs and begged for months to get another rescue. She even used all her money to pitch in for the fees. Here she is with our third rescue pupper, Daisy.
byu/ExLaxMarksTheSpot inaww

9. Time flies

I love it when dogs get gray around their face. It means they’re well loved.

Where does the time go?
by inaww

10. You have a new member of the club

Now that is some funny stuff!

A local farm where I live had trouble with their flock all wanting to sleep in the same house, each night they have to go break them up. The other night they found their dog had joined in
byu/Elatedonion infunny

11. Can’t say no

That’s just how Tank rolls.


12. Walter is here for you.

Patient boys are patient.

This is Walter. Walter waits by the front gate every Monday for his friends the binmen, who always shower him with love and treatos. 11/10 patient boy
byu/BenVenn inaww

13. In love

That smile! So cute!

My husband-to-be and my doggo have this great thing going on.
byu/iamsoveryverytired inaww

14. Together again

OMG… they love each other!

My boys were separated for two years due to a divorce. My ex agreed today that I can keep my 9 year old boy!!!
byu/BaconNCaffeine inaww

15. Oh, Ralph

Everything will be alright, buddy! I promise!

16. New dog

Look at that mug and those eyes!

Headed to a concert last night when something ran in front of my car. Needless to say I missed the concert and now have a new dog.
byu/boulderkitty inaww

17. Two of a kind

Friends forever… side by side…

My dog Curtis (left) with his best friend Simon at doggy daycare
byu/ieatnoob4brkfst inaww

About as wholesome as it gets, am I right?

Now it’s time to hear from you. Let us know which one of these really made you smile in the comments.

OR post a photo of your puppers there. We love to see those pics.

Thanks, fam!