21 People Share Their Disgust to a Man Who Prefers Water on His Cereal

Eating cereal is one of the great joys in life, and if you think I’m crazy, well…you’re wrong.

It’s the perfect meal any time of the day, and if you buy yourself the yummy sugary kind your parents always refused you (you are, right?) it’s also a lovely snack.

This guy, though, prefers to drown his with water instead of milk.

Eating cereal with water is better than with milk from unpopularopinion

We’re all horrified, and these 21 responses generally sum up our shock and disdain.

21. Quietly violent.

Upvoting just because of how violently unpopular and straight up terrible this opinion is.

20. Short, sweet, to the point.

You disgust me.

19. I think we’ve proven that wrong.

“Opinions can’t be wrong…they’re just opinions.”

You can’t ever say that if you know this OP.


18. This guy needs more information for some reason.

Which type of cereal- oats, cream of wheat, grits or other breakfast cereals like corn flakes, Cheerios, Captain Crunch, etc ?

Because there’s a difference…

17. He’s earned it.

Jesus Christ you’re strange… take my upvote.

16. That’s a bright side for ya.


I’ve never talked to a demon before.

Is hell hot or cold? Lol.

15. Different strokes, I guess.

This is the true purpose of this sub.

Spread the truth brother!

But i totally disagree lol.

14. We just have a lot of questions, ok?

Do you drink the water afterwards?

13. There is a better way!

literally the worst type of person lmao

i have to upvote as well, but HOW COULD YOU LIKE THIS, OP?!

12. Sorry, but receipts are required.

Can you post a video of you eating cereal with water, I just don’t believe this.

11. Just go.

You’re disgusting.

Take this upvote and leave.

10. Monsters gotta monster.

Have a preferred cereal/water combo?

Does does honey bunches of oats pair well with Fiji water?

Prob a tap man.

9. Not suitable for anyone, really.

Mark this as NSFW, this is disgusting.

8. Not all of us have the stomach for the video.

I don’t think I could watch it, I will need third party confirmation.

There’s some dark sh%t I’ve seen on the internet, but this crosses a line.

7. You’re missing out on the best part!

Yes, cereal flavored milk is a treat.

Back in my stoner days, we talked about how we wished you could just buy a bottle of cereal flavored milk.

6. No question about it.

This has to be, by far, the most unpopular opinion in the world. You’re not human.

5. We might need an exorcist.

What the actual f*ck is wrong with you. Here is your upvote.

4. We are just paralyzed by it.

His opinion hurts me deeply.

I won’t downvote him.

But I can’t upvote him, either.

3. What we’re all thinking.

What. The. F*ck.

You absolute psychopath. You insane, crazy, mentally f*cked up, poor motherf*cker. Jesus f*cking Christ.

Take my upvote.

2. Is this a dig against Amish people?

I’m pretty sure if you told an Amish person what cereal is even they would consider this too bland.

1. In short.

Wot in tarnation?

I cannot with this guy, yall. Something is wrong with him.

If you somehow agree, please explain yourself in the comments!