21 Pictures That Could Make You Say “Me As a Teacher”

Photo Credit: Instagram: @trista_house

We all have at least ONE teacher we love, and we know how difficult that job is.

The following 21 pictures make you think… maybe I could do that?

In reality, you probably could. But maybe you wouldn’t want to?

Anyway… let’s get to it…

1. That’s just cruel.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TumblrEdits

2. “Sure, the ball is popped, but at least we got it down!”

3. I mean, it’s a historical event, right?

4. A good teacher knows the importance of research.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Terrancew88

5. Priorities.

6. “Thanks for your feedback. I’ll get right on that.”

7. Who needs encouragement when you have insults?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Baebussy

8. Touché.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @AhhTommyy

9. This is very serious work.

10. Fourth period needs to live a little.

11. Just an American flag, fire, and a frowny face.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @13lgreer

12. “How can I teach you if you have bad taste in music?”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @encorezayn

13. They still get paid the same either way.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @antxnyr

14. What’s a “lesson plan?”

15. This teacher gets bonus points for being a Drake fan.

16. Money talks.

17. “Um, what does this teach us about geography?”

18. Some classic reverse psychology.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @MikeLengel

19. Anything can be worth bonus points if it’s cool enough.

20. They’re much harder to grade that way.

21. Finally, some words of wisdom…

So… see any of yourself in those pics? I bet you did.

I am that gym teacher getting a ball out of the rafters with the bow and arrow. Because, you know, that won’t ruin the ball. It would only make me look AWESOME.

Share which of these you loved the most in the comments!

Thanks, fam!