21 Things You Can Definitely Do Yourself

People are varying levels of DIY. Like, I can hang my own curtains but I would rather wait for my husband to do it, you know?

My friend, though, went out and bought and installed her own dishwasher one evening while her husband was working late.

If you’re super into learning how to do relatively simple and uncomplicated tasks for yourself, you’ll want to lean into this subreddit – and below are 21 things they say you can do on your own.

21. She had to get creative.

Cats will do that to you.

This is how my wife protects her yarn from the cats
byu/stinksnots inhowto

20. How to find a lost dog.

Because we all hate to think our baby is out there alone.

How to find a lost dog
byu/allhailsnoo inhowto

19. This is super cool.

Would definitely come in handy!

How to delete all the tourists from your travel photos with ease
byu/vitruv inhowto

18. The most wholesome man.

I hope he’s so happy because he deserves it.

Hope this is a “how-to” helpful resource!
byu/kponten14 inhowto

17. We all love dogs more than people.

Because they deserve all of the love.

Heimlich manover for dogs.
byu/sync_M4st3r inhowto

16. Well I need to try this now.

It looks so cool!

[deleted by user]
by inhowto

15. Those are all yeses.

He is the goodest boi.

Good Boi How To
byu/ataylorm inhowto

14. How to draw a water droplet.

This is a pretty cool skill to have.

Cross-posting: Guide to draw water droplet
byu/shasta-mcnugget inhowto

13. These will all work.

To varying degrees.

How to finish
byu/Relojero inhowto

12. Learning is a skill.

And everyone needs some grace now and again.

H Oi w to help people learn effectively with patience and compassion.
byu/Novelista42 inhowto

11. Someone is going to put this knowledge to good use.

And someone else is going to be sorry.

How to make chloroform.
byu/BeatSalty2825 inhowto

10. College students, listen up.

This will definitely come in handy.

9. Knowledge absolutely everyone needs.

Seriously, don’t be a douche.

8. Don’t forget about them.

That will stink up your house.

How do y’all cook your egg? Tbh this is most of us
byu/808real inhowto

7. My mind is blown.

Honestly how did I never know that?

HOW TO properly pour a beverage from a box/carton
byu/virilante inhowto

6. Don’t panic is always the first step.

Which is easier said than done.

How to self rescue in the event you fall through frozen ice
byu/imbratoor inhowto

5. Moms everywhere take note!

And have a drink while you’re at it.

How to extract a splinter
byu/soglamsofresh inhowto

4. You always knew there had to be a better way to go about it.

And now you have some solid tips on how!

Using Google like a pro
byu/glennvho inhowto

3. Pay attention.

This is one case when you should definitely say something if you see something.

How to get help in case of home violence or if you‘re being threatened.
byu/EduDo_App inhowto

2. Definitely going to use this one.

For reasons.

Useful tip😉
byu/naomi_wilson inhowto

1. We all need to keep this in our back pocket.

None of us are very ok.

How to stay sane in isolation, from Stereoplex
byu/abaganoush inhowto

Okay, maybe I could do some more stuff around the house without calling in a professional.

What was your best DIY success? Tell us about it in the comments!