22 Jokes for the Horror Fans Among Us

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Everyone knows that people who love horror movies are a special breed. They love to scare themselves silly, and it’s almost impossible to find a movie they would say goes too far.

If you’re one of those folks, or you know and love one, you’re definitely going to want to scroll and share these 23 jokes – they’ll make you want to jump with joy instead of terror for once!

22. Just say no to balloons.

It’s a cardinal rule of staying alive in horror movies.


21. I feel like this might actually work.

Or it’s got as good a shot as any.


20. Catholics are running toward the fire.

At least, if there’s a demon involved.


19. We don’t make the rules.

This is just how it is now in the Halloween Holiday world.


18. There are occasional regrets.

It’s best to make sure someone else is at home.


17. If you don’t see a ghost in the room, I’ve got some news for you.

You dead.


16. If you can live together, you’ve got it made.

Otherwise there won’t be any room left in the couch cushions.


23. Laughing is a stress response.

But also some people are just messed up.


14. Time to run to Google.

And fall down a terrifying rabbit hole.


13. Get readddyyyyyyyyy!

Spooky season is here!


12. This is making me laugh so hard.

It’s so dumb but also perfection.


11. I’m one of those casual Volturi.

Just here for the seasonal hunts.


10. Who cares if you didn’t put your makeup on yet?

They’re your undead friends!


9. My money is on Kevin.

That kid has been through a psychotic older brother.


8. It’s different when you’re in charge.

It’s your own personal brand of “what’s ok.”


7. Yes, well I guess it does depend on the family.

The things the CDC never considers.


6. I am not even sorry.

They’re doughnuts! Eat them!


5. It happens every year.

But somehow I still don’t have enough decor.


4. These kids never learn.

One or the other, the s^x life or the night swimming!


3. There are two types of people when faced with a killer.

And really only one of them comes out alive.


2. Who knew all of these serial killers were so progressive?

They were wearing masks before it was cool.


1. Amateurs.

You know there’s no point in correcting them, either.


I’m a casual horror fan, but bring on the true crime all day and night.

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