22 People Share A Phrase They Absolutely Loathe

I think that everyone who is anyone has some phrases they really love – and some that make them cringe immediately whenever they hear it.

We don’t even understand why most of the time. It just rubs us the wrong way and all of our friends and family know not to say it (unless they want to get under our skin), and that’s okay.

If you’re curious if your least favorite phrase is on anyone else’s list, these 22 people are ranting below!

22. Well no one likes to hear that.

“Regarding your last seven tax returns…”

21. Seriously, it’s not funny.

I never knew how common “it must be free” actually was until I got my first cashier job.

20. I need to be allowed to feel all kinds of vibes.

“Positive vibes only!”

B*%ch I am sad. I can’t keep up with genki go getter types.

19. Grates on the nerves.

I am sick of “Not all heroes wear capes.”

First of all, I don’t think any documented hero in human history has ever worn a cape; and second, it’s become some virtue signaling analog phrase during the pandemic.

18. That is a LIE, sir.

As of the past year “we’re all in this together”.

Excuse me? No we’re f**king not.

17. They’ve literally never changed.

“Please listen closely as our menu options have changed”

Translation: “We reserve the right to change anytime we feel like it, even if nothing has changed in 10 years, that right remains spoken”. Because no, I don’t have to listen closely because your menu options have not changed in a decade.

16. Let it go.

“Why are you still talking about it?”

Usually said by someone who you let say their side of the argument, and instead of hearing yours, has opted to go this route. Irritating because if you do this, both parties come out learning and improving absolutely nothing.

15. You know you’re not.

“Am I the only one… (insert pro/con generic opinion or idea)”

7 Billion ppl on this planet….There are literally people having sex with car exhaust pipes. No you aren’t the only one

14. Yeah that one can go.

“fruit of my loins”

13. Don’t boss us.

“Anddddd go!” when asking for suggestions on social media.

Like we’re all just on the edge of our seats waiting. I also had a friend on social media that would type out some long ass string of thoughts and then would say, “Discuss.”

12. Hilarious, right?

“That’s why you get paid the big bucks”

I think its funny but my old boss hated that phrase cause it kept him accountable for doing actual work.

11. No meaning at all.

“Break the internet”

It’s so stupidly meaningless. If I can read a gossip rag’s story about a random, uninspiring photo breaking the internet then guess what… mission failed. See also: “make this go viral”

10. Just don’t say it.

“Because I said so”

9. Define “people.”

“People are saying”. You know what follows is BS and the phrase is just used to make someone’s opinion sound like more than it is.

8. Spoiler alert: it’s usually not.

” it’s all in your head.”

7. You’re just describing a reply.

“Don’t talk back to me”

That’s what my dad says to me every f**king time. When we argue he doesn’t even hear my side of story my opinions don’t even matter.

I try to have an open mind every time I talk to him. But s*%t I just space out.

6. We all know about the subscribe button.

‘Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!’

5. Are you sure about that?

Teachers in school used to say “Don’t be smart” or “Don’t be clever” when someone came up with a good comeback.

Like what kind of message is that in a school?

4. A great reason to do things differently.

“That’s the way we’ve always done things”

That kind of mentality leaves no room for growth or change.

3. Parents, I swear.

“It is wherever you left it.”

No kiddin’.

2. Reasons are not excuses.

“I don’t want to hear excuses.”

This is usually said by a manager who asked for reasons why something wasn’t done, is given a perfectly reasonable explanation, and doesn’t want to address the underlying issues behind that explanation.

1. A short but accurate list.

“I’ll probably get downvoted for this…”

“Unpopular opinion, but…”

“Am I the only one who…”

“Why did this get downvotes?”

“Underrated comment.”

Yeah, I have to say that I agree with a good number of these.

How about you? Do you have phrases that you prefer kept far from your ears? Let us know what they are in the comments!