I try to remind myself that there are smart people in the world, but it’s tough when I’m also constantly reminded there are terribly dumb people in the world. I have a feeling these 23 AskReddit users know exactly what I mean. Check out the most ignorant things they have every heard someone say:

1. Yeah, that’s what that does

“The baby is in a little protective sack that keeps out all the bad stuff. It’s fine.” As said to me by a drunk, smoking, pregnant teenager at a wedding I attended a few years ago.

2. Everyone’s a critic

I went through treatment for cancer. The number of people who think it is helpful to point out that “big pharma has the cure for cancer but they’re hiding it” is mind boggling. Oh and thanks for pointing out that the chemotherapy I’m having is super bad for you (no duh). And no, I haven’t considered “alternatives” like eating organic and vitamin infusions.

3. I mean, she’s gluten free, soo….

I’m a waiter. I once had a woman ask me if we had gluten free water. In her defence, that’s all we have water-wise.

4. The word is “Solar”

“Why don’t they just shine lights on solar panels so they can work at night too?”

5. You don’t want to know my opinion

Some guy once told me he believed that every person from Pakistan had murdered somebody. When I argued back that it was completely un-true, he responded with: “Well, that’s my personal opinion.”

6. Wait, what?

In high school government class in the 90s we actually had a debate about whether we should ever have a Black president. One of the students said something that made us all pause in our tracks.

Not at all joking, this one kid in the class said we should never elect a Black president because he would “let all the slaves go free.”

7. But how do you know?

“You can tell that the dinosaurs they use in movies aren’t the real ones.” – The person I saw Jurassic Park with.

8. Yes, yes I did…dumbass

I had just returned to school after my house had burned down during the summer. Arguably the worst summer of my life. I was minding my own business in class and some guy blurted out, “Did you all burn your house down just for insurance money?”

No. We didn’t burn our entire lives in four walls for some measly cash. It upset me so bad knowing people could even think like that.