23 of the Funniest Cat Tweets People Shared

Image Credit: Twitter

Cats are funny on their own, but when you add their antics to pithy commentary from their human counterparts, there’s nothing but winning coming out the other end!

Please enjoy these 25 timeless cat tweets – guaranteed to make anyone’s day!

Here are 23 of the absolute bestest on the Twitter!

Enjoy, fam!

23. When people surprise you.


22. It works better than it would on a toddler, tbh.

21. The definition of awkward.

20. Someone teach that cat some manners!

19. Who enters my domain?


18. I believe you’re mistaken, sir.


17. Okay this caption is everything.

16. He’s practicing for his Cadbury audition.


15. What are YOU lookin’ at?

14. Beans!

13. Saves you from having to buy one of those cat fountains, though.

12. The Batman makes his own Bat Signal.

11. When she learns how to hold the iPad up for the good angle I’ll be impressed.


10. At least he knows where he goes.


9. Derp genius.

8. A true thespian.

7. An apt description.

6. Cats are basically Regina George.

5. Fat shaming even extends to cats!

4. That’s what she gets for going to the bathroom.

3. Look closely…

2. Just turn around and go.

1. Time to set up a camera.


Were those not the funniest cat tweets that people have shared or what?

I know, I know… those were really, really, really funny. You’re welcome.

Now, it’s time to hear from you! Which of these made you laugh the most?

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