25 People Share Stories That Deserve an Immediate Face Palm

14. Waste of air

“Aww she’s so beautiful i feel bad for her, what a waste of beauty”

I’m on a wheelchair.

I feel bad for you for begin ugly but able to walk, what a waste of legs.

15. Grown ass tantrum

My RA freshman year of college: she had just lost a board game and threw a fit. At first I thought she was joking, but soon realized she was completely serious. A 20-year old having a tantrum over Ticket to Ride. In front of her friends and residents. Thinking it made her seem “scary” rather than juvenile. Never could respect her after that.

16. Whats wrong with people?

I took my son to work with me, while I was on holiday, to pick up a pay cheque. I met our shipper and introduced my son who has a slight speech impediment. My son said “Hello” and stammered on the ‘H’. The shipper started to laugh at him. I took my son’s hand and we walked away. Didn’t speak to the shipper again.

17. Thief and a douche

Male coworker walked past a female coworker and said “i’d love to fondle her huge tits” loud enough for her to hear it. respect went from 100% to 1% in a second.

Found out, same guy was stealing other colleague’s personal stuff at work. There you go, last 1% of respect.

Sidemark: When I talked to our boss, she said: That’s your personal problem. Work it out. Bam: 100% respect-loss in under a second.

18. So dirty

I was out with a guy, we stopped at Taco Bell and were walking with a couple of tacos. He finished his first one and let the wrapper flutter to the ground. I’m typically non-confrontational but kind of knee-jerked a shocked reaction. He blew it off and I thought maybe he was just embarrassed. But after the next taco, he doubled down and dropped that wrapper too. Lost all respect for him in that moment.

Another time I was walking with some co-workers when one flicked a cigarette butt onto the sidewalk. Someone else said something and her response was, “but it’s so small and New York is so dirty anyway.” Ugh, go home.

19. Shopping Spree

Ex-girlfriend found someone’s ATM card left in the machine. Promptly went on a shopping spree. I was so furious. People like her are the reason I have a panic attack when I can’t find my wallet. Just a straight up scummy thing to do.

20. Not my job

Supervisor kept giving me additional work that wasn’t my responsibility (I was less than two weeks into a new job in a warehouse) and eventually another supervisor asked what I was doing, so I told them, and they cussed the other supervisor out for putting myself and other people in danger when I had not been trained how to offload trucks and navigate the docks. Ever since then, when this first supervisor tells me to do work, I ask someone else first.

21. Back off

Dude squeezed my then-girlfriend’s breast right in front of me then tried to laugh it off because he’s gay and “would rather play with this guy’s big dong” (referring to a random guy standing within earshot).

I still can’t believe I had to explain to this guy that being gay doesn’t entitle you to touch other people’s bodies without permission. I don’t go around grabbing men’s penises and saying “it’s okay, I’m straight”, then harass some stranger to try and prove it.

22. Stupid

My mother’s best friend from when I was growing up added me to Facebook one time as a way to reconnect after she’d disappeared to France for several years. I stayed friends with her on there for a while. Until…

She posted something anti-vaccine, so I posted a response based on the facts – That vaccines don’t cause autism, and are actually bringing deadly diseases back, etc. and so on. I don’t mean to start fights, but I do this on occasion with my other friends on there so we can have reasonable discussions back and forth about it. Her response began with “As a mother…” and ended on “You’ll understand when you have kids.” Wow. Wooooow.

I’ve never unfriended someone so fast in my life. I just couldn’t rid myself of the stupid quickly enough.

23. That escalated quickly

A college girl I worked with at a restaurant on campus bragged about how she told off a manager who politely asked her to order or leave at a restaurant downtown where she was studying and not buying anything. She told him that the whole town is her library and the only reason he had a job was because of students like her (college town), and that she was going to college to do something meaningful with her life and make a difference so she wouldn’t end up a sad restaurant manager like himself.

I was so stunned I couldn’t say anything. I have never heard anything more bratty and self-entitled in my life.

24. Just say what you mean

Any conversation which goes like this:

Them (someone from outside the UK): “Where are you from?”

Me (I’m brown): “UK”

“Ok but where are you originally from?”

“… London?”

“I mean, where did your parents come from?”

“Also England, born and raised.”


“If you’re asking for my ethnicity, I have distant roots in Asia. But that isn’t really what you asked for.”

“Yeah, you didn’t look British, I knew you must be from Asia.”

“… I’m not. I’m from the UK.”

It’s 2017 yet some people still can’t accept the concept of being fully British, whilst not being white.

25. Emma

When I was in 6th grade, there was a girl who we’ll call Emma in my class who was a little odd. She was painfully shy and awkward, her clothes were too small for her, and she smelled kind of bad. A less-known fact and possibly irrelevant other than to explain some of her strangeness was that she had been sexually abused for years by a family member. I was best friends with her cousin, who told me in confidence, because I was nice to Emma; my friend was not a gossip and was protective as fuck of her cousin. Emma usually ate lunch in the classroom and would opt to spend recesses in study hall, presumably either because she felt more comfortable away from people or to avoid being bullied, possibly both. One day we had recess in the gym (pretty common when it was freezing or raining out) and Emma is there. (Some days study hall wasn’t available because a teacher was sick or whatever, I don’t know). She’s sitting on the bleachers drawing and a couple of other kids are hanging around on the bleachers as well. One boy in particular, a popular kid well-liked by students and teachers, is talking to her. I saw this and something about the way Emma looked made me stop playing dodgeball and walk over. As I approached I hear the boy calling her “trailer trash” and asking if her trailer home had a shower. He was laughing and a couple others nearby were laughing too, some of whom I’d considered friends before. Lost all respect for every one of them. Emma wasn’t crying or anything, just ignored them and kept drawing. Unfortunately I let my emotions get the better of me. Punched him right in the face.