25 People Share Stories That Deserve an Immediate Face Palm

Sometimes the human race is astonishing. And not the good kind of astonishing. The kind that makes you want to punch someone in the face for being so ridiculous.

Take a look at these 25 Reddit users who share a glimpse into their world – and into some severely facepalm-worthy conversations.

1. Should have walked

I went on a date with a girl in college. She was very kind but I could tell from the start she was quite a bit more affluent than I was. So she drives us to a coffee shop and pulls right into a handicap spot. When I notify her of her mistake she says, “Oh I know. Princess parking!” And she pulls out a handicap sticker from her purse and hangs it on her mirror. Personally I wanted to end the date right there, but I had to get a ride home somehow.

2. Yeah, no.

There used to be a homeless man that would sleep outside of the pizza place I used to work at. Never bothered anyone, never asked for food, though we did offer him some when we had leftover pies. Middle of winter, he stopped coming around. Couple weeks later, coworker tells me him and his friends dumped water on him while he was sleeping for laughs, thinking I would think it was funny. Yeah, no.

3. Asshat

My boss charged a colleague for a table’s bill because that table had left without paying and were seated in her section, thus being her responsibility. The bill was 75 pounds. We’re payed 6.95 an hour. This was on Christmas day.

4. Not your friend

When our 26-day-old daughter died my wife and I hunkered down and quit showing up to church for a while. A friend from there finally touched base with me months later, and I asked him why no one had come looking for us or tried to help after the funeral. He said, “I’ve know people who have had miscarriages before, and it didn’t take this long to get over it. When are you going to get over it?” This conversation was almost 6 years ago and my blood still boils when I think about these words.

5. Happens all too often

Seeing my employer act friendly to other employee’s faces and then immediately trash talk them the second they leave the room.

6. Abandoned

My uncle told us that when he decided he didn’t want his cat anymore, he took her to the woods behind my grandparents’ house and just left her there. I was appalled. Definitely lost all respect for him. She was an indoor cat who’d never even been outside before.

(Fear not, though, my other uncle was there, and he went to those woods, eventually located the cat and brought her home with him. They were buddies until he passed, and then she went to live with another family member. So she’s fine! But still.)

7. Not enough time

One sentence: “I can’t believe he’s not over his dad’s death yet!”

The kid’s dad had died barely two months ago at the time.

8. Instant knowledge

Making fun of someone for not knowing something/how to do something

Once a couple of kids from a group were making fun of a man for asking questions about how to use the computer Nobody is born with instant knowledge about everything.

9. Negative reviews

My manager doing what I just told a customer we can’t do because of policy.

As in:

“I want to return this gift card, it doesn’t work.”

“We can’t do that, we do not do returns on gift cards because we can not verify the balance. If there is an issue with the gift card you need to contact Visa and have them solve the issue.”

My computer system is even set up so that if you try to return it like you are supposed to, it’ll tell you to back off. Customer asks for manager and manager just gives her the value of card plus the fee by returning it as a “Non-taxable Item.”

The reason it’s policy is because it’s a scam and they want to double dip. They used the card and they want to see if they can get the cash they just spent back again.

And of course the customer came back two more times and asked to return the card again and again. In total she got $615 because my manager is so scared of getting negative reviews.

10. I’ll stop

Ex Girlfriend ” I don’t love you anymore, I don’t know why and I don’t want to feel this way and We’ll work on getting things back to normal……. Ohh I’ve been seeing Insert Douches name from work as well but I’ll stop”

11. No respect

Little bit of backstory. I once had a friend , whom I considered a good friend, randomly message my then girlfriend asking if we were still together. I thought he was just checking up on me, making sure it was a good relationship because when she said yes, he said good. Fast forward now, about 2 weeks after we break up, he messages her again, saying the same thing. Proceeds to try to console her and literally that night tries to flirt with her and sends her a dick pic. Does this many many times for the next few months ( her not reciprocating or showing any interest) not knowing that she and I were still very close and she was telling me everything. He also had a girlfriend at the time that he was trying to convince my ex that they broke up. I’ve lost all respect and I’ll never give it back. A simple apology and talk could reconcile our friendship but he’ll never be respected by me ever again.

12. Gofundthis

A couple people I know have done this lately: made a GoFundMe for some trivial crap. I’m not going to give details on the specific fundraisers just in case but take my word for it: it’s the most poorly disguised, pathetic attempt to beg for money I’ve ever seen from someone who absolutely doesn’t need it.

13. Brains but no heart

When I was an RA I had a resident who got really drunk and started spouting off a lot of homophobic stuff in the middle of the hall, making another resident cry. Later on another resident whom I had a lot of respect for, class president, triple major, pretty much came from nothing, came up talking to me telling me I shouldn’t write the drunk person up because she was just spouting off the truth about “Them.” Never looked at her the same way again.