25 People Share What Technology They Believe is Lagging

Photo Credit: Pexels, Andrea Piacquadio

Technology seems to change daily. I swear the “next’ iPhone is out weeks after the last one released! Tech consumers are hungry for more, but have you ever wondered why some items never seem to advance? Like solar power? Sure there are some ways it’s available, but at a high cost!

u/worldtraveler100 proposed to AskReddit, “What technology are you shocked has not advanced yet?” and the comments are incredible and a little out there.

25. Why we only have an option for veneers?

That we can’t put enamel back on teeth.

24. Why is recycling still not offered in more areas?

Waste disposal.

We still bury most of it in the ground.

23. To all the girls out there


You’d think that we wouldn’t still be wearing the metal death traps of our grandmothers suffering, but nope. You see ’the new bra’ every few years but it never catches on.

My back hurts.

22. The internet in general

In my country its the Internet

21. This is clever


Why can we not unpress a button that has been clicked?

20. She’s passionate about a printer upgrade. We relate.

Printers. Don’t even get me started on the ones at my lab.

Paper in the load tray are perfectly fine? Time for the printer to crumple a tiny edge and then scream “PAPER JAM” and halting everything else until you take that one piece of paper out. It’s all good though, that’ll buy you about 5 minutes before it repeats itself.

Someone forgot to load paper before starting the day and the printer happens to run out? Surprise, the printer has just locked down all tests on the machine and requires that paper be loaded AND THEN the machine itself needs to be rebooted and reloaded for an extra 20 minutes before proceeding.

This one printer is going to be the sole reason for me having an aneurism one of these days.

19. More love for the poptart

Frost the whole f**king pop tart already.

18. Please silence the microwave

Microwave doors.

There is no such thing as a quiet microwave door yet we can know what chemicals are in space thousands of light years away

17. A cure for allergies

Allergy control.

How are there no permanent cures for allergies yet? I’ll never know how awesome it must be to own a german shepherd, and so many people wont ever know how good peanut butter is

16. This is a “huge” but unnecessary idea

Around twenty years ago, I was promised a cloned woolly mammoth. Then, I read about a plan to reverse engineer elephants back into mammoths. Look, I don’t need to know the ins-and-outs, just make the damn mammoth!

15. I can hear a lot of men cheering

I’m still shocked that with all our medical research we haven’t found any cure or reliable treatment for baldness.

14. AMEN!

The entire DMV process.

13. Why are security camera still blurry?

CCTV footage still looking like it was recorded by a potato.

12. Too many passwords and security threats


Especially entering them with an onscreen alphabet selector like its a 1986 Nintendo game. There are so many better ways to secure things than this and all the hassles that go with forgetting them, resetting them etc.

11. “Meet George Jetson…”

I want my flying car I was promised.

10. To all the teenagers out there…

Curing acne

9. Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion.

Funding for the single thing that will eventually solve all the energy needs on the planet is practically non-existent, and they’re still making progress.

Why? Because the uneducated masses hear ‘nuclear’ and are unable to think of anything other than Chernobyl.

8. Better battery life


It’s probably one of the most important technologies today, yet batteries haven’t substantially changed since their invention.

And yes, I know, there are graphene batteries in development, but they’re far from being ready

7. Who hates folding clothes? *raises hand*


Sure, laundry machines can make clothes a lot cleaner than they used to. But a real breakthrough would be to have laundry completely automatic without the washer/dryer turnover and having your clothes folded for you.

6. Birth control equality for all

A better and safer birth control.

Also, male birth control.

5. Your rear end will thank you

Toilet paper – I’m shocked it has not advanced to the three sea shell system yet.

But really there hasn’t been any advancement besides adding plys or softness, I’m shocked we have discovered a better way.

Or take more advantage of the bidet.

4. Better airline communication

Technology to localize missing planes.

We can stream Netflix during a flight but when the plane crashes we can’t reach the black box unless we fish it out from the ocean

3. Does the epidural not count?

Giving birth.

Surely with all today’s science and research, why in the world do we still have to suffer through painful hours of giving birth to a baby when it could be done without suffering, quick and easy without sweat and tears.

2. Stop the ticket scalpers

Concert tickets.

Blows my mind that in 2020 there is no better way to get tickets into the hands of actual fans without the overwhelming majority going to resellers.

1. This should be totally be looked at…

Voting Systems

While some of these are odd, most of these are great thoughts on advancement.

What do you think? Should these items go to the top of the list?

Weigh in below!