What Would You Do if You Had 20 Minutes to Live? 30 People Answer the Question

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Kelly Sikkema

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous question: “If you were stranded on an island and could bring one thing with you, what would it be?” It’s a question meant to spark your personality traits, behaviors and more.

Reddit user u/Colonal-Sanders took this question and surpassed it. They asked, “You have 20 minutes left to live. What do you do?” Yikes! What would you do? Here are the best answers from the community.

30. How considerate, you know, so they won’t be understaffed…

Call-in to work, I guess…

29. He’s thinking ahead!

Talk to my family and friends. S

ay thanks.

Say that they shouldn’t grief too much.

And f**king erase the pr0n from my hard drive, of course.

28. Never die hungry

Let my dog out, leave a message on Facebook, Call my Mom, leave a note, heat up some ramen noodles and watch the end of Return of the King

27. TRUTH!

Probably get diarrhea and sweat a bunch

26. Don’t forget about the doggo

hug my cat

25. A well thought out plan

Get in my car and drive to my local hospital. Take the remaining 5 mins to call my wife and tell her I love her. Then explain to her why I wasted 15 mins driving to the hospital when I’m dying.

I explain that I don’t want to taint the house we worked so hard to own. If I died in it and she had to find my body in it then it would ruin it for her and possibly impact re-sale value.

Also if I die at the hospital they can just take care of the body there and no kid or whatever has to find me in a park etc.

24. Messages beyond the grave

Record video messages for my children, husband and close family.

I’d let my children know I’m proud of them and I love them and to always try and do their best in life and be kind and loving to others.

23. Never leave things unsaid

Call my closest friend and ex for one last conversation, she’s a great friend.

I would rather not leave her wondering why I ghosted her.

22. Accept it and chill

Roll a blunt and write a leaving notice.

I mean if I can’t live any longer I just chill and accept it.

21. Putting the “fun” in funeral

Record a goodbye video for my friends and family.

I figure thats the best way to get to say everything I want to say to everyone instead of panic calling and potentially missing someone. I will also use the video to stipulate the terms of my funeral, which shall go like this:

There will be an epic scavenger hunt leading to the location of my funeral. The first to arrive get to call dibs on something from my estate, so find it fast for the best stuff, like my 158 sweater collection or my Nazi German shepherd puppet from the TV show Danger 5. Once everyone is there, the celebration kicks off because my funeral is going to be a party with lots of booze, good food, and live music.

20. The literal thinker

I’d wait 20 minutes.

19. Remember the good things in life

I’d tell the most important people in my life truly what they mean to me.

I’d think of my grandparents and look back fondly on my memories and then I’d hold my dog and just pet him until the end came.

18. No regrets

Speak my mind, for once in my life.

17. Comfort food and love

I would tell my crush how much I like him, eat hashbrowns, talk with my mother (in that order)

16. Meta

Beat the universe: let me explain.

If I am guaranteed to die in 20 minutes (not less) then I will be invincible for 20 minutes.

15. Agreed, wholeheartedly

Probably 20 minutes of existential crisis.

14. Do your chores

Finish cleaning up the apartment and not be on Reddit.

Wife would bring me back from dead to kill me again.

13. Keep ’em guessing

Write a letter: “You find my hidden money in-” and die.

12. Making time for play

Make an epic race with my hot wheels collection

11. “Stairway to Heaven”, maybe?

I accept my fate and start playing heavy metal.

10. Yep


9. Let’s hope the update will be done in 20 minutes

Install all those windows updates I’ve been postponing.

8. Dying happy?

Get laid.

Die mid orgasm.

7. Sharing the wealth

Max out all my cards, and give that money to family or charity

6. The best plan!

Get up and leave the house. Don’t want one of my loved ones to find me.

Get on my bike and ride to the hospital (I live 15 minutes and traffic won’t be a concern).

If they revive me, I’ve technically passed on, but I live on.

5. Attention everyone!

Stand in the middle of the room I’m in at work.

Loudly claim that I’ve become a target for assassination by *insert government/corporation here* and that I could die at any second.

Keep their attention until I eventually drop down dead in front of them all.

4. Sleep before the big sleep

Have a nap.

3. Choices, choices

Have s*x I guess.

Actually I’d probably call my parents.

But not both.


2. Do you, man. Do you.

Eat my left toe.

I always wondered what that sucker tasted like.

1. Best answer!

Depends on circumstances.

If it’s a zombie apocalypse I’m going down swinging.

It’s safe to say, most people would call their loved ones, while others will play, dance, or nap. There are no wrong answers when faced with this decision.

For me? I’m not sure what I could get done in 20 minutes!  I suppose I’d call my loved ones too…and nap.

How about you? Comment below!