25 Teachers And Their Hilarious Classroom Signs

If you don’t know any teachers personally, I feel like you’re definitely missing out. They’re kind of hilarious, they’re great friends, and when they don’t have school the next day, they also really like to party.

I don’t know how to convince you other than to show you the hilarious classroom signs these 25 teachers have had the nerve to put up – honestly, reading through them makes me love them all the more.

25. Oh, no, not a folly!

A+ use of the meme, ma’am!

The poster in my teacher’s classroom
by inmildlyinteresting

24. This is amazing.

I could never draw something like that, even with a reference.

Anatomy teacher with his drawing lecture on a chalkboard.
byu/itsmeaidil innextfuckinglevel

23. Telling the hard truth.

You’ve got to learn this lesson sometime. Might as well be now.

The graphics teacher in college knows what’s going on.
byu/James332233 infunny

22. That’s exactly what it’s like.

They know because it’s like that for them, too.

My teacher had this on the first day back from school
byu/Keefkeef6 ingaming

21. Anyone who knows a music teacher is laughing.

I think they’re all the same.

This is the sign hanging on the piano in my school’s band room 👌👌👌
byu/vanceyboy infunny

20. All valid reasons.

I can’t think of another, actually.

A rule my teacher made
byu/cabbage_fork infunny

19. Different levels of mastery to be sure.

If you can do all three you’re some kind of super human.

recently found this in the language corridor of my school, hope you enjoy
byu/TheNightmareOfABoy inmemes

18. This is super cool.

I swear science teachers are usually the best.

Chemistry Teacher made their classroom ceiling the elements.
byu/Plebsplease inpics

17. Well if that doesn’t make you want to cry.

How sweet!

[deleted by user]
by infunny

16. It’s an important PSA.

You don’t know until you know.

One of the English teachers at my Highschool put this in the hall outside her door
byu/Amk1221amk infunny

15. We need to start teaching this as young as possible.

Maybe we can head some of the misinformation off at the pass.

Found in my local elementary school
byu/goofballjones69 incoolguides

14. Just so we’re all clear.

If only the world was a classroom.

In a classroom in Chicago
byu/achingtopupate inpics

13. Different version, still valid.

You’ve gotta know your teacher’s preferences, man.

The sign in my co-worker’s 2nd grade classroom
byu/SkippyBluestockings infunny

12. It’s good they picked up on that.

I would hate for her true message to be lost.

The bold letters on my teacher’s innocent posters spell out her true message
byu/Aedifix infunny

11. No, anything but that!

This guy knows exactly how to get under those kids’ skin.

My friend is a secondary school teacher and stuck this to the wall of his classroom.
byu/tessrkt infunny

10. Just saving everyone a bit of embarrassment.

Like teachers want to do on their good days.

This sign at my school
byu/VulthrxIsAWeeb infunny

9. Just calling it like he sees them.

Seriously, just don’t start. Easy as that.

Anti-smoking campaign poster I found in my history teacher’s classroom
byu/bruhddit inpics

8. Stop it he did not.

I can’t even make regular letters with dry erase markers!

This drawing that my history teacher did on the whiteboard
byu/QEDification innextfuckinglevel

7. It’s really not that tough of a decision.

At least, it shouldn’t be.

My English teacher is also a gamer.
byu/IAmTheRedditBrowser inFellowKids

6. Another amazing drawing.

In color this time!

One of the teachers at my New Zealand school’s drawing!
byu/Beastfrie innextfuckinglevel

5. Why is this the best thing I’ve ever seen?

Seriously I cannot stop laughing.

Found in my Physics teacher’s room
byu/lekgolo125 infunny

4. Those are some absolute classics.

They almost make going to math class bearable.

These posters in my math teacher’s classroom
byu/Yeahfilms12 infunny

3. Not everyone wants to choose sides.

This is perfect and more people should do it!

This elementary school Super Bowl chart has a column for “not my thing.”
byu/scidurt inmildlyinteresting

2. This is just so encouraging.

And also so very true.

This sign at an elementary school art classroom
by inwholesomememes

1. Only the metric system here.

See what I mean about science teachers?

Found in a high school science classroom
byu/sugarandmermaids infunny

There’s no way you can read through this list without cracking up, I don’t think.

Which one did you share with a teacher friend? Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments!