25 Things People Are Very Happy Actually Exist

I feel like we talk a lot about the things in society that shouldn’t exist, or that we wish didn’t exist, or that we would be better off if we could get rid of, but what about the things we’re really thankful for?

We are lucky, after all, to be living in this day and age, right? I think so, and these 25 people have some pretty great opinions on the things that we can collectively be glad actually exist.

25. I mean what a time to be alive.

Pretty much every restaurant offering delivery to my house.

24. If only it was fresh for everyone.

toilets and running water

And don’t forget toilet paper and poop knifes.

23. Just donuts, really.

Apple fritters from Randy’s Donuts.

22. Scary is one word for it.


I’ve undergone five surgeries during the past 30 years. It is scary to consider that in the past patients underwent surgery without anesthesia.

21. Maybe some day.

Universal healthcare.

I don’t have it bc I’m American but I’m glad it exists for other people bc this ain’t it.

20. Two of the best parts of the day.

Showers and beds. I can’t even express how much I love them.

19. I’m super jealous.

The NHS.

Went to A&E on Friday at 7pm with pain. By midnight I was going in for emergency surgery. Got discharged earlier today. Brilliant caring service from brilliant caring people.

Total cost to me £12 (for the parking).

18. I guess those are pretty nice.

Showers and beds. I can’t even express how much I love them.

17. They are objectively great.


16. That’s the stuff right there.

Sunny fall days.

When it’s just cool enough for a jacket and and the wind is carrying a distant smell of a fireplace in the air.

15. Treat her right!

My wife; she’s my best friend, business partner, and accomplice in nearly everything.

14. Don’t take those things for granted.

Modern medicine.

Instead of being thrown into a mad house I’m taking three pills a night.

Instead of dying while giving birth I’m talking to my preemie about what she wants for her 16th Christmas.

13. They can really turn a day around.

Painkillers. Headaches are so common and such a bother.

I had a killer one yesterday, felt like I was gonna puke because the pain was so bad after a couple hours of that I was just done. 2 Advil and 45mins later I could think again and I was so hungry.

Thank god for pain killers.

12. Medicine for everyone.

I remember walking around Tesco at 1am looking for medicine with my 6 month old in the pushchair (he couldn’t sleep because of a cough) and being so grateful that the global economy had developed to a point where there is a steady supply of over the counter medicines and that 24 hour grocery stores had come into existence.

He was a difficult baby with regards to sleeping and I’d never been so tired as in those early months and never more grateful that I could soothe him a little bit with he rumbling of the car tires on the road and the pushchair wheels on the lino.

11. No one can argue with that.

I asked my niece this and she said brownies.

Because they’re delicious and we should all enjoy the fact that there’s delicious things we can out in our mouths.

10. Just think about it.

I think about that with my glasses, and how I’m so thankful to have them to see. Prior to their invention, I’d just have to walk super slowly and probably die super early in my life.

I can basically see a foot or so in front of me without them on, so my life expectancy is much greater now.

9. Not much, really.


Slow fluttering bouts of color searching for flowers. What could be better?

8. Many of us take it for granted.


“Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat

7. A legend.

Coffee. It’s fascinating, the way the first person ever discovered the coffee bean. In a way a funny story!

It’s a partial legend. Some goat herder let his goats eat some berries and they didn’t sleep the entire night. And apparently some monks at a monastery made first ever coffee

6. They’re a part of us all.


We wouldn’t even exist without them.

5. It has its upsides.


I’ve learned how to troubleshoot/repair so many things.

4. Or just bread in general.

Garlic bread.

3. It’s given us more than its taken away.

The internet, so many memories made over the past year of quarantine that would have never existed without it.

2. Those random encounters.

Random kind strangers that you come across sometimes in life.

Also scientists and teachers who dedicate their lives to better our future.

1. Tell your people you love them.

My grandchildren. My daughter died in a horrific accident Wednesday, leaving her husband and 2 children.

They are what’s left of my life.

I have to say that I agree with most of these – it would be hard not to, really.

What else should be on this list? If we’re missing something big, let us know what it is in the comments!