27 People Talk About What They Want to See but They Won’t Be Alive to Enjoy It

I know that it’s not possible (yet), but I love to daydream about time traveling.

And maybe they’ll discover it’s possible long after I’m gone…I guess you never know…

What’s something you’d like to see but you won’t be alive for?

Here’s how folks on AskReddit responded.

1. That would be awesome.

“Human teleportation as the standard means of travel.”

2. You never know…

“Space travel. Easy answer.

Maybe I’ll get to be a tourist and see earth from above, but I won’t ever get to just travel through space.”

3. Marty McFly!

“Commercial grade hoverboards affordable to the general population.

Like Marty McFly!”

4. I know I won’t see it.

“Colonizing Mars.

I know it’s supposed to happen in the next 10-15 years but that’s ridiculous.

To have a fully functioning base on Mars will take at least 100 years, probably more, and some people will grow up with that being normal.”

5. Think it’ll happen?

“Travel that is faster than light.

At the moment it’s impossible but previously unbreakable laws of physics have already been broken several times in the last 200 years.

We will find a way to do it eventually because we want to. Might take a thousand years of more but we will do it.”

6. Freaky stuff.

“True transhumanism.

I mean cybernetics, bioforming, altering your body into whatever shape you wish it to be.

The gender changing procedures we have today are low hanging fruit.”

7. Wouldn’t it be nice…

“All the countries of the world realizing that literally every country – has-been and will-be – was built on the decimation and displacement of whoever was there before them.

And we all need to put our collective baggage down and figure out what’s best for us all as a global community.”

8. I’ll take one!

“Brain transplants.

I have a feeling it’s coming this century. I’d love to be transplanted in a lab-grown body after this one stops being useful.

I don’t know how many times I’d do it though.”

9. Good luck with that!

“Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl.”

10. What is possible?

“I wanted to live thousands of years.

To see what we would become, to the stars. To see if we were worthy. To join the galactic civilizations.

I love the futurist Sci-fi novels about wormholes and infinite minds and bodies.

I wish to see what is possible, then be surprised by what is even more possible.

I may live to see Mars colonized or I may not.

Here’s hoping that humanity doesn’t implode on itself in the next twenty years.”

11. Long gone.

“The Hale Bopp Comet.

Projected next viewing in 4380.

Yeah, I’ll be long gone.”

12. That would be nice.

“Autoimmune diseases (among other things) being eradicated once the gut microbiome is better understood.”

13. Okay…


I’m bored of human being the only “intelligent” beings on earth…

Also, alien s*x.”

14. Fingers crossed!

“George RR Martin finishing the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.”

15. Up in the sky…

“Halley’s Comet.

It’s not due for another 40 years and I’m not sure I’ll live that long.”

16. Weird.

“The Earth’s magnetic pole flip.

This would actually be really interesting.

I wonder how many animals use the magnetic field for navigation and will they be confused when it happens.”

17. What’s out there?

“Life evolving on other planets.

If it happens, it’ll be so weird and wild compared to Earth since the environments would likely be pretty different. Then again, there’s always the deep sea if you wanna look at incredibly alien looking creatures.

When they have to adapt to such a different environment than our own, they’re gonna look pretty strange.”

18. Animal behavior.

“Where different animals are going with the fact that many of them, especially crows, have officially entered the stone age.”

19. Looking for a cure.

“A cure for Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve had it since I was three.

Type 1 is an auto-immune disease that cannot be prevented.

Type 2 is the one associated with diet and weight problems.”

20. Organ cloning.

“My future hope would be that we would be able to clone organs (not whole bodies like in some movies and because of ethical concerns).

They can take your pancreas cell or a stem cell, fix the genetic defect, then grow a replacement pancreas.”

21. Let’s hope so!

“I’d love to see the day that renewable energy is so efficient and cost effective that every building can generate its own energy supply.”

22. That would be awesome.

“Bullet trains in North America.”

23. The big crash.

“The crashing between the Milky Way and Andromeda.

It’s expected to be happening in at least 4,500 million years and it will take another million years to be done but it would be fascinating seeing the light parade of an event of that dimension.”

24. Where should we go this weekend?

“Traveling to different planets like how we travel to different countries.”

25. An awful disease.

“The eradication of all types of dementia.

It’s an awful disease and few headways have been made to provide effective treatment, much less a cure.”

26. Way down deep.

“Exploration of the ocean beds.

I just can’t fathom how much information is down there and how little interest there is in knowing more? With how much a new space rece is heating up, it’s mad that corporations aren’t trying to make ocean bed holidays a thing, but yes let me live on mars please?

With the pressure rockets and space stations have to endure, could technology like that not be reworked for the pressures under water? I honestly don’t know.”

27. Lights out.

“Trillions of years from now, when the light from the very last star in the universe finally goes out.

The galaxy that revolves around it, the possible last hope of some/all civilization(s). Entropy will snuff out the very last star and everything will be cold and black. Pretty much nothingness except for the black holes that will eventually also break apart.

But sitting there as an entity just watching it all end… would be interesting.”

Now it’s your turn.

What would you like to see but you won’t be alive for it?

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