28 Moms and Dads Share When They Realized Their Kids Are Jerks

Parenting is tough.

And moms and dads are usually supposed to defend their kids no matter what, so it’s always surprising to hear them admit that maybe their child is…kind of an a**hole.

Are you ready to hear some true confessions?

Let’s dig in to these answers from folks on AskReddit.

1. That’s bad.

“She’s hidden the TV Remote.

It’s been gone nearly 3 months and still won’t give up where she’s hidden it…”

2. Brutal.

“When I was play arguing with my 7-year-old and she said she wished she was d**d like my miscarried baby.

F**king savage and a brat.”

3. Not a good ending.

“A little boy the same age as my son (4) was crying in the doctors office waiting room. I’m talking real tears, sobbing, the works. My heart couldn’t take it.

So my son looked up from the lego table, watched him for a second, then headed his way. I, of course, was melting inside. My sweet, kind, thoughtful little man was going to comfort him and make a new friend!

He approached the boy, got about an inch away from his face, yelled “STOP CRYING” & walked away.”

4. Body shaming.

“We’re in Walmart looking at light bulbs at one end of an aisle and at the other a fairly obese person enters on one of those little carts.

My 4 year old whispers “dis-gus-ting” to her sister and my mind is blown. They have an obese grandma, and we’d always been super careful with body shaming anybody to avoid situations just like this.”

5. Bad attitude.

“My girls do competitive sports.

They both excel and typically take out all awards. Oldest girl goes in with “I hope I do well” attitude. Youngest goes in with “ I’m going to win.. because I’m better than everyone else” and it pi**es me off.

No one likes a sore winner.”

6. Horrified.

“My son called a lady a dumb b**ch at the store. I don’t think she heard but I was horrified.

No idea where he heard it.”

7. A real brat.

“Grandparents took her to Disney on Ice and out to dinner and a brick oven pizzeria. She got a grilled cheese.

Sent it back because “it was burnt. And if people order food you bring them what they want. Not burnt. I sent it back. Two times.”

She is 6 and sounded like Gretchen Weiners. And knowing my kid, “burnt” means ever so slightly toasted. Felt bad for the waitress and GPs.

I used to be a server, we will be working on restaurant etiquette!”

8. You’re his servant.

“While at the waterpark, carrying everything back to the room, I accidentally ripped his bag with toys in it that he just had to bring along even though he couldn’t use them in the attraction.

My 3yo son, not carrying anything, sees his toys fall out, looks at me, cocks his arms out to the sides with his palms up and says “Are you kidding me?””

9. Very demanding.

“My daughter when she was 2 she said to a 10 year old “I want to watch Frozen you bitch”.

The babysitter told me they were trying to decide what movie to watch.”

10. My brother…

“OH BOY Do I have stories. We thought my brother was just going though the “Freshman Douchebag Phase,” but nope. These were all in a span of four months:

He stole money from my college fund to buy a PS4, and failed to see why he was in trouble because “he was planning to pay us back.”

He gave his friend our garage passcode without telling anyone, and while we were on vacation we got a call from the police saying someone was having a party at our house.

After being ungrounded from incident 2, he made plans with two friends to sneak out with all of my dad’s beer. He was caught just as he was making his escape.

We joke that the only thing he’s not a jerk to is the family dog, who he’ll love on like it’s his job.”

11. Asshole move.

” A couple of weeks ago, my 17 year old son got into an argument with my wife because she asked him to put his phone down and to take the trash out. He raised his voice and said that she was being stupid.

He then threw his phone on the kitchen table, where it bounced up a hit my wife in the face, breaking her glasses. She started crying and he mumbled something under his breath and stormed off.

He did apologize to her once I got home from work, but I’m not entirely sure how sincere the apology was.”

12. Whoa…

“Our 16 year old son has been giving us hell for the past 7 months. Not coming home, leaving in middle of nights, smoking weed, getting into fights and drinking. Perhaps normal behaviour for some teens, but not how my wife or I were raised, nor how he was brought up.

Nearly broke my wife and I emotionally but now we are stronger for it and just generally over his s**t. Our united front is that we will not cover for him and he needs to face the consequences of his actions. I digress..

Being doing regular clean ups of his bedroom and checks for weed because we absolutely will not have drugs in our house with two younger children in the household. A couple of weeks ago my wife found a recipe copied word for word from the internet for ‘shake and bake’. You can google it but it’s basically a recipe on how to make home made meth.

Subsequent to finding that, there are two hidden Coke bottles in his cupboard with froth on top and bubbling. She calls me up at work frantic. I say “OK let’s not overreact, let me check it out when I get home and we’ll take action from there.” We do some research on the internet on meth in meantime.

I get home around 7pm. After one look I’m on the phone to police given that if it is meth it’s highly volatile and could explode. They arrive within 10 minutes. They call their Sergeant. He is there in 5 minutes. Mind you, our son has been coming home around 11pm so we have some time before we need to deal with him.

So now we have 2 cop cars in our driveway. They call for advice from chemical unit who can’t be there for a couple of hours. We put our younger kids away in our upstairs bedroom away from teenage sons bedroom.

10pm rolls around. Chemical unit arrives in multiple vehicles. Now we have 2 cop cars in driveway, 3 chemical units in driveway (we are on large property) and another 2 on the nature strip. They are still setting up and our son calls to say he’s at train station.

It’s a reverse call where if he talks quickly he can leave a quick message (just meant for name) without us needing to accept the call and be charged. So we know he’s waiting for us to pick him up but we haven’t spoken with him. Cops ask if we want to pick him up or us.

We say he’ll probably just run if we say he has to go to police station so tell them to send a unit around to get him and take to police station. In the meantime chemical unit dude comes into house and is horrified we still have children inside and tells us to evacuate immediately!

Unit calls to say they have arrested our son and he is at police station so I go to police station to attend interview with him. I get chance to speak to him beforehand (yelling is pointless after 7 months of c**p), and calmly tell him what the situation is and that the penalties for what has been found are extreme and that he needs to tell the police the truth.

He insists the bottles are home made alcohol from yeast sugar and water. We go through interview. Police say he isn’t being held and can go home. It’s now 12:30pm. He agrees to come home.

Get home and wife tells me chemical unit confirmed it was home made alcohol and they have now left. Cries tears of relief. We speak with our son and explain why due to finding recipe for method and high volatility for it to explode we had to get cops to investigate.

He says his alcohol was only 2 days and and we laugh over how his first alcohol making experiment is a disaster. We explain the seriousness of meth and we “think” he may understand. We go to bed at 2am and sleep peacefully knowing that our son doesn’t have a meth lab in his room. This time around anyway.”

13. Little s**t.

“I was getting ready to go on a date and I’m fixing my hair and whatnot.

My Son comes in, “no amount of love is going to fix that hairline.” Then walks away….I stood there for a second….you little s**t.”

14. Thief!

“When my sons were 12 and 13 the older one stole $600 from my wife and I. He gave the younger one half. When they were caught and everything was said and done the younger son told us that we didn’t have the right to take “his” money from him because he didn’t steal it.

That was when I knew.

Now ages 19 and 20, the older son has long grown out of it. The younger one has never stopped stealing and lying. Before moving out he told me that he has always resented me for locking things up and, I’m quoting him here, “not letting me take whatever I want from you”.

It amazes me because we raised all four of our kids the same way and the other two have always been good kids and kind hearted. Oh well.”

15. Better watch that kid.

“When I watched my younger son walk out on the porch, pick up a plastic whiffle bat, look at it, look at his older brother sitting on the porch steps, look back at the bat, and then haul back and crack his brother’s head like Babe Ruth popping one out of the park.

I could watch his thought process in 5 seconds time: Bat. . .Brother. . .Bat. . .Hit. No hesitation.”

16. The middle one…

“I have three sons. 8, 23 and 26.

The middle one, Andrew, boasted to me that he had s** with “over 30 chicks” on Tinder. And with some of them in my bed.

Yeah, Andrew, you’re a d**k. Congrats.”

17. That hurts.

“Oh man, too many to list.

The most recent is when my son shot me with his Nerf gun directly in my eyeball. My eye still hurts a week later. A couple of weeks ago, my other son pooped on the floor (he’s 3) and put a donut on top of it to hide it.”

18. Tough lesson.

“Teaching my kid the value of money, we’d give her tuck shop/snack money in the day and we later found out she was just giving it away not understanding the value of money at all.

A few long deep conversations where I h**e to admit I became a capitalist poster boy later and she starts to understand that money has a value, how hard it can be to get and that it’s even harder to keep.

Fast forward a few weeks later, We run out of milk and I only have my card and no cash on me, plus our local shop will only now accept card purchases over £10.00 so I figure I’ll ask my darling angel little girl if I can borrow £1 for milk and put it back tomorrow.

No. No you can’t have my money daddy. I earned it and you need to learn responsibility that money doesn’t just fall from the sky and you can’t just go around giving everything away as pretty soon you’ll have nothing.

I suck at parenting.”

19. Messing with everyone.

“When I realized that she is most happy when she’s doing something that pi**es someone else off like biting people, messing with electronics and playing with cat’s stuff.”

20. Rude kid.

“My three year old was given a small fisher price trampoline for his birthday. It’s like three feet in diameter.

A few months later, we got invited to take him to Sky Zone, which is a giant indoor warehouse that is wall to wall trampolines.

It’s f**king awesome. So my wife turns to my son and says, “Hey buddy, do you want to go to the trampoline place?”

Without missing a beat, my kid rolls his eyes at her, jerks his thumb towards the fisher price one, and says, in the most condescending tone a three year old could muster, “I have one.””

21. Terrible.

“My cousin is refusing to let her mother and her grandmother see her children because they won’t buy her a house (she hasn’t been gainfully employed for well over a decade, her husband pays for everything, but he can’t afford the house she wants).

Her grandmother looked truly heartbroken when she told us.”

22. A true Parisian.

“He got frustrated one day because my husband’s family from Norway was visiting, and his little cousins were speaking too fast for him to understand. French is our kid’s primary language, but we’re both attempting to teach him English and Norwegian too.

He’s three, and since his exposure to it is basically his father and grandmother, his Norwegian in understandably really not that good (he speaks in single words, basically.) He breaks out with this as a response:

“You’re in France! Learn to speak French! Norway is stupid, and no one cares!”

I know I shouldn’t have, but he sounded so indignant I started laughing. Then he glared at me.

“No one likes America either, mommy!”

And that’s when I realized, as much as I tried not to, I was raising a true Parisian.”

23. The things kids get away with…

“My daughter at 4 years of age was doing some drawing at the table, I walk into the lounge and sit down on her tiny foam couch, without missing a beat or putting her crayons down she simply says in the sweetest little voice, “thats my couch daddy, now f**k off”.”

24. Wow.

“My wife was having a small argument with the lady running the check in out the airport.

My daughter quietly stared the woman down until they made eye contact and then just said, “Bitch”. She was only two.”

25. Just like the movie.

“Have you ever seen the movie Overboard? Those are my kids. When my oldest son was 8 (9 years ago), he destroyed my Warhammer 40k Space Marine army (est $2,000) with a BB gun.

My second oldest son recently told his teacher that he was being a**sed because I grounded him from the Xbox One for a week. That was fun.

My youngest son constantly torments his older brother and then tries to get him in trouble after he gets annoyed and yells at him.

My 4 year old daughter, my perfect angel, got upset with my wife and bit her. She then said, “Mom… you taste like bacon.””

26. Smarta**.

“Took my five year old to the doctor for a cold/fever.

We walk in, nurse bends down and asks, “How are you feeling big guy?” He replies, “not very good, otherwise I wouldn’t be here!””

27. Hopefully a phase.

“Well my son is now 18 and suddenly my smart, intelligent, conversational boy is an asshole young man.

I fear he takes after his father. Also I hope this is just a smelly, annoying phase.”

28. Ouch.

“My six y/o daughter told me to shave that thing off, my goatee. Couple days later I did, I asked her, “do you like it?”

She makes a bit of a face and says” no I didn’t know your chin was so small.””

Well, there you have it…

Have you ever felt this way about your own kids?

Or maybe you’ve heard other parents talk this way?

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