30 People Share Their Best Nonsexual Feeling In The World

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh…. this feels GREAT!

The world is full of stressors, but there are always things that are guaranteed to make your day better. Everyone is different and some things feel better for others, but one Redditor wanted to find out what makes people feel good.

The question for Redditors was:

“What is the best (nonsexual) feeling in the world?”

People gave great answers. We sifted through the most wholesome, strange, and intriguing answers, so here they are!

30. Hydration

“Quenching thirst.”


29. Remembering The Important Things

“Finding that one song you did not remember the name, but remember only some of the lyrics.”


28. Unexpected Days Off

“Waking up and thinking you have to work and then realizing it’s your day off!”


27. This Clean Feeling

“Getting into a bed with clean sheets after take a shower.”


26. Listening to Nature’s ASMR

“Curled up in bed and hearing the sound of pouring rain on the roof/ outside.”


25. Instant Relief Now

“Taking a piss you’ve been holding for far too long.”


24. Learning Something New

“Learning something mind blowing, especially if it’s within a topic you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.”


23. Having Good Reflexes

“When somebody throws some thing at you with no warning and you catch it on reflex in one hand like you’re some super human.

Then people stare at you and the virgin that was watching suddenly becomes pregnant.”


22. A Nice Compliment

“As a man, being complimented is pretty dammed good and that feeling can stay with you for a long long time.”


21. Gravity’s Good Work

“When you’re laying bed and one nostril is kind of plugged, so you roll to your side so that nostril is on top.

Then gravity does its work and just for a split second, everything clears out as it drips down and you can breath amazingly and fall asleep.”


20. Warm, Cuddly Towels

“Clean, warm towel right out of the dryer.”


19. Cat Parent Feelings

“When your cat pats you with her paw, then falls asleep on your hand.”


18. Ripping Protective Film, Apparently

“You’re all wrong, it’s peeling the protective film off of electronics/parts.

I get to do this at work and I love every bit of it.”


17. Being The Chosen One

“When a dog, cat, other animal decides to chill next to you even when there are other people in the room.”


16. Lifting Even More

“Don’t know about best, but going to the gym and lifting what used to be your max weight and thinking it’s lighter than it used to be.

The feeling of improvement, to phrase it generally.”


15. When Studying Pays Off

“Getting an A on a test you studied really hard for.”


14. The Sun, Duh!

“The warm sun on your skin on a perfect day!”


13. The Pleasure of Bath Bombs

“For me it’s taking a super hot bath with bath bombs (bonus points if they’re a luxury kind or turn the bath fun colors because I’m basically 12 on the inside), watching youtube on my phone or playing video games (protip: keep towels nearby and your hands over the edge of the tub at all times to prevent dropping your expensive shit in the water), enjoying a joint or a cigarette and just forgetting about the rest of the world until the water’s too cold to sit in.”


12. Singing in Unison

“Going to a show (concert).

That moment when you’re in the middle of the crowd and everyone is singing the same words and it’s like time isn’t real.”


11. Okay, The Second Best Feeling…

“The second most amazing thing was definitely going home with baby and realizing I could sleep on my stomach again after MONTHS of not being able to!”


10. This Priceless Feeling

“When you see the person you love talking about something they are passionate about.



9. A Fresh Soda

“Cracking open a coke or sprite after a run and hearing the



Glug glug glug.”


8. Find a Good Song

“The feeling you get when you’re listening to music and you find a REALLY good song that you really needed to hear and it makes you tingle all over.”


7. Optimum Pillow Temperature

“Cold side of the pillow.”


6. A Minor Slam-Dunk

“You ever nail the shot of throwing something into a garbage bin that’s like a mile away?”


5. Saying Goodbye To Bad Jobs

“Quitting a job you dislike.”


4. Finishing What You Started

“Closing all the tabs on browser after finishing a huge ass assignment.”


3. This Small Victory

“Removing a popcorn kernel from your gums after being there for 5 hours.”


2. The Humble Ocean Breeze

“A cool breeze on a warm day. So refreshing and revitalizing. Bonus points if you are near the ocean and get some ocean spray smell.”


1. And This

“Having your child placed on top of you right after giving birth.

Also hearing your child laugh for the first time.”


There were actually thousands of answers to the original question, and there are many more PG-rated sensations that are pretty great. Do you think there are some feel-good things that deserve some recognition? Let us know in the comments.