29 People Talk About the Best Way to Show Someone You Love Them

Love makes the world go ’round, friends!

And the older I get, the more I realize that having great friends and family members is so important and is worth way more than anything else in this crazy world that we inhabit.

What’s the best way to show someone you love them?

AskReddit users weighed in on this important question.


“Listen to them. I mean, REALLY listen. Take the time to understand the way that they think and process. Adapt yourself to that.

Wether this is the single best way is a matter of perspective but I’ve got the most extraordinary bond with my partners and this is how it built.”

2. Small gestures.

“Frequent small gestures mean a lot more in a relationship than infrequent large gestures.

Just little things that let them know you’re thinking about them – a quick text, a hug, bringing a snack or taking care of a little job they didn’t want to do.

The warm, fuzzy feeling is less about the actual gesture and more about the message it conveys: “You are in my heart and I want you to be happy.””

3. Take action.

“I don’t think love is a feeling, it’s an action.

Loving is being nice and showing you care. You can care about someone, but you can’t just love them.

Love is an action, not a feeling.”

4. Let’s eat!

“Cooking for someone is truly the most kind and caring thing you can do for someone in my eyes.”

5. Valued.

“Show them that they are valued. That goes for every type of relationship you will ever have.

My happiest days were with a woman who I never slept with; she made me feel valued and she was happy to be around me. Plenty of one-night stands later, those were still my best days.”

6. Good tips.

“When he opens up about his feelings, listen without judgement, reflect those emotions back to show him you heard, then empathize with how he is feeling.”

7. Let’s get physical.

“Give them a good long hug and tell them you love them.

Bonus points if you rub their back or the back of their head, physicality is one of the best qualifiers of comfort with another person.”

8. Look out for them.

“Giving them advice and looking out for them even when it’s taken the wrong way. Appeasement isn’t love.

If I think something is wrong for you or I disagree with something, I’m going to tell you. Hate me initially, but I’m only looking out for the person I love. Love isn’t always agreement.

I’ll take someone being mad at me knowing I’m acting in their best interest out of love.”

9. We should all do this.

“Just be attentive, respectful and kind to them.

Don’t be afraid to say that they’re a good person.

Do favors regardless whether they asked or not, only if you know 100% it’s something they’ll like done.”

10. But don’t be a stalker, okay?

“Watching to see the things they care about and then trying to help them out in areas adjacent to those things.

That doesn’t just mean hobbies, though hobbies are a great way to start. People also may care about having free time and appreciate help with obligations that take their time. Or perhaps the person cares a lot about having a clean house, and you make sure to respect that.

Of course, this presumes that you’re not a stalker. Don’t be a stalker.

Only follow this advice to show a romantic partner, friend, or family member how much you care about them.”

11. The language of love.

“Whatever their love language is.

Show it that way.

One partner I’ve had was happy as hell just to know he was appreciated; another wanted physical touch over everything else.”

12. Hungry?

“‘Did you eat today?’

Literally almost everyday I get something like this ( I tend to get caught up doing things and forget). I’ll get a text from my boyfriend asking if I’ve eaten and drank water.

Most of the time if its later in the day and I haven’t he’ll pick me up and we go get something or he’ll have me come over and make something for us.

It’s the sweetest thing.”

13. Just be present.

“Sometimes you just gotta be there.

Whether it’s for something or just a slice of nothing.”

14. Little things.

“Do little things for them.

Start with cooking/helping with stuff maybe.”

15. Support is crucial.

“Always being there for them by being supportive.

Love is being yourselves and being able to work together to overcome anything and everything that may come your way.

And wanting to do that with that person for the rest of your lives. It’s not about how you love them today, but knowing that you will love them every day.”

16. Show some interest.

“Pay attention to the things that they’re interested in.

Showing interest in things they like goes a long way.”

17. That’s love!

“My husband shovels the driveway right before I come home from work, turns on my coffee while I’m in the bathroom, records my favourite show if I’m not home.

Now THAT is love!”

18. Knowing.

“Knowing when they want you to help and knowing when they want you to just be present.

It sounds really boring and unromantic, but occasionally when someone is really down or stressed, they don’t want you to White Knight their problem for them.

Don’t tell them “here’s what I’d do…” when what they want is empathy and a good listener.”

19. Figure that out and you’ll be good.

“Everyone has a different love language.

The best thing you can do if you truly love someone is to find out what theirs is.”

20. Good stuff.

“Take pleasure in cooking together in the kitchen.

Also, do thoughtful things for no particular reason other than to show true affection.”

21. Here you go.

“Honesty, compassion, and presence.

Be consistent in your support, and understanding with failures. Show them they have intrinsic value. They are not a task, a bank, or a laborer. They are not a dollar bill. Love is days in and tears soaked up on a steady shoulder.

It’s laughter at inside jokes and comfort with habit. Love is sharing yourself with a person and knowing they will do the same.”

22. The small things.

“Do little things. My partner had never been with someone who made an effort.

I make his lunch for work while he’s getting ready to go or I buy him socks when he needs new ones but doesn’t say so.

Small things matter.”

23. Quirky is good.

“Appreciate their little quirks.

They might already feel self-conscious about them, and they hope that the person they love is not going to judge them for it.”

24. That’s nice.

“Buy them food if they can’t afford it and never ask for any money in return.”

25. What are you into?

“Sit down and talk to them about their hobbies.

If they’re into art, ask what kinds. Ask why those artists. Ask about method or preferred medium. If they’re into music, same thing: genres, eras, soloists, etc.

Get involved. Learn about them. And when you feel comfortable enough, try and find something they might like but don’t know yet.”

26. What’s best for them.

“Put what is best for them before what is best for you. That doesn’t mean catering to every whim and enabling selfish behavior, but genuinely prioritizing their needs over your own.

We all would like to think that we would be the “let her go, take me instead” hero in the movie that sacrifices his own life for the one he loves, but are we willing to do that on a small scale, day to day basis?”

27. Every single day.

“Show it to them each day and each moment with your actions. Be considerate of them before you act and keep them in mind at all times.

You will never need to say I love you because you show it to them all the time.”

28. There’s that…

“Telling them is usually a pretty good start. The rest varies.

Some people like me prefer cuddling up to a TV show or something, but others would appreciate getting a small gift or doing a chore for them.

No harm in asking them to see what they like most.”

29. Good advice.

“Remembering their interests or what they say they like in general and planing dates accordingly.

I have quite a good memory (most people actually do if they try), so when I am talking to a girl I like, I remember almost everything she says.

So when I speak to her after some time I mention things they said in quite a lot of detail. Then I always see them light up its very cute. Everbody just likes when you actually care and listen.

So try to pay attention when someone says something thats important to them. Hope this helps.”

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