17 Brand Names People Say Are 100% Worth The Money

There are some things in life where the generic is going to do you just fine – and other things where paying a bit more for the “brand name” will leave you a much happier customer in the end, despite the price.

It can be hard to know which is which, though, unless you’ve already been there – so if you’re curious what brand names might be worth the money, these 17 people have some thoughts!

17. You won’t look back.

Corelle dishware. It’s sleek, durable and lightweight.

It’s basically the kevlar of dishes.

16. Splurge or regret it.

Bra. I never had one fit me properly until I was fitted at Nordstrom and then handed a $60 bra with a size I didn’t know was even made and it fit like a glove and was comfortable AND it made my boobs look good.

Edit: Thank you to dimpletown for suggesting I edit this comment to add the brand, which is Natori, they make my 30DD “over the shoulder boulder holder”.

Also, all the silly and ridiculous individuals who comment about pics for proof, please reference the first two adjectives in this sentence.

15. Perfect coffee all day.

Stanley stainless steel vacuum/thermos bottles. I have one that holds a 12-cup pot of coffee that I bought at a neighbor’s estate sale 30 years ago and it was probably 20 years old then. It still works exactly as promised.

I did have trouble cleaning the coffee crud out of the bottom of it until I saw a Heloise Hint on this: Fill it about 1/3 full of hot tap water and drop in about 4 denture-cleaning tablets and let it sit overnight. You wouldn’t believe how clean it is after that treatment!

14. Just ask the Roadrunner.

acme brand dynamite

I highly recommend this to all my fellow coyotes with a roadrunner nemesis.

Have we blown up our enemy once? No. Have we blown up ourselves an irresponsible number of times? Yes. But when we do, we’re doing it with Acme- a quality explosives manufacturer.

10/10 would self detonate again.

13. A lot more expensive.

Miele vacuums.

Used to buy a new vacuum cleaner, every year an a half. Bought one Miele and it’s still going strong after 12 years. I don’t care if was four times as expensive to purchase.

The cost per year for the Miele is actually lower!

12. You’ll regret the cheap paint by your 3rd coat.

Any paints. House paint, car, boat, trains and planes. Usually the higher the cost, the better the paint. Love Sherwin Williams “Emerald” products as house paint.

Always buy the premium brands unless you want to spend all day painting the same walls 20 times. Customers always bought the cheapest paint we had and complained that they needed 5 to 10 coats to cover a wall.

11. Takes a beating.

KitchenAid stand mixer.

I’ve had mine for over 10 years now, use it at least once a week and takes a beating during Christmas time and it still works like a charm.

10. It’s bliss.

Ticonderoga pencils >>>>

i’ll write a whole 10 page essay by hand with one of those babies

My engineering teacher did an entire lesson on why they r the best pencils ever made

9. A lifetime warranty.

Fiskars stuff: axes, shovels, hammers, but also scissors.

Don’t know if you realize, but Fiskars have a life-time warranty. Go on their web site, take a snap of the broken item, and send it to them.

They will replace it, no questions asked. Some of their sewing scissors do break occasionally and I’ve gotten replacements when they do.

8. They will haunt you.


Rose Art crayons have haunted me since I was a child! Till the day I pass. Rose Art crayons are like trying to color with a candle.

7. Go thrifting!

Corelle ware.

That s*%t is damn near indestructible and bonus it’s been around for forever so you often find it super cheap at thrift shops.

6. For lefties.

As a lefty, Zebra F-402 pens.

Fine point, no smear, no pressing hard to get a clean line. Since I discovered them I can’t go back to other ball point pens

5. Never again.

Dawn dishwashing liquid. I haven’t found anything else that works as well.

I bought budget once, and never again. I had to use far too much to actually get clean dishes, so the bottle only lasted maybe a third of the time that the same-sized Dawn did.

4. A specific skill set.

3M Post-It Notes.

Making an adhesive strong enough to stop the notes curling up at the edge and falling off, but weak enough that you can remove and replace them at will, seems to be outside the skill set of every other company.

3. Good for your wrists.

I always pay the little extra for a Bic lighter over the cheap transparent ones. They rarely break and they’re more ergonomic.

They also last forever. I’ve maybe managed to keep one long enough for it to become empty once or twice

2. They’ll save your back.

Herman-miller. My chair from them saved my back over quarantine.

I once sat in a chair at my public library and even though it seemed basic (four legs, plastic and metal), I felt its balance and quality ergonomics over the course of the hours I spent there. Despite having no padding it was the most comfortable chair I’ve ever experienced.

I was so impressed I had to check the manufacturer, turned out it was Herman-Miller, have been on the lookout for a secondhand deal on one ever since.

1. For the cyclists.

Shimano Ultegra bicycle components. Works smoothly. Reliable. Can’t complain.

They make damn good fishing reels too.

Some of these are no-brainers, I think, but others surprised me.

What name brand do you always make sure to buy? What knock-off is a perfect replacement? Give us all of your tips and experience in the comments!