How a Waitress Fools Her Customers At Hooters

I think we all know that people who frequent Hooters aren’t there just for the wings (which are mediocre at best if we’re being honest). I mean…it’s right there in the name, right?

Do girls with small chests do as well in the tip department at the busty-centered restaurant?

If you’re twenty-two-year-old medical student Kirsten Songer, you definitely do…but not without learning how to play the game.

Image Credit: TikTok

Recently, Kirsten headed over to TikTok to drop some wisdom on all of us small-chested girls, because it turns out you don’t need a boob job to look great in a v-neck.

She told Buzzfeed that it’s basically an illusion that requires a padded bra, some sticky boobs, and a little bit of contouring makeup.

“The silicone inserts (aka sticky boobs) are what makes the most difference in my appearance; it’s what pushes my boobs together to create the cleavage line in the center. (I got the sticky bra at Walmart!)

The contour around the edge of my breasts creates the illusion of a shadow, making my boobs look even bigger. All of this adds about two to three cups, depending on how well I do it.”

Image Credit: TikTok

She didn’t use any of these tricks when she got hired, and she doesn’t employ them outside fo work, either.

Kirsten says she’s fine with her natural appearance but she’s at Hooters to make money, and because of their brand, her looks matter.


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And you know that no one should have to explain the things they do with or to their body to begin with, so go on with your bad self, Kirsten – and anyone else who’s working for tips and hoping to pay off their college loans a little quicker.

Anyone else at all, actually.