Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Refusing to Say Where She Got Her Clothes From

Some folks out there can get really picky, protective, and downright hostile when it comes to their wardrobe.

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AITA for not saying where I got my clothes from?

“I (20F) really love to dress up, look nice, and put together, all that stuff.

I also have a petite body frame and do cardio frequently so I am very fit, which makes my clothes look flattering on me. Earlier this week, I was going to lecture to meet up with friends and they complimented my outfit.

We were sitting down and Tracy (19F) said “Your outfit is so cute! Where did you get the pink top from?” Normally if it was makeup or something I would say where I got it but the thing is, I want my style to be unique and I don’t want to twin with anyone accidentally.

I declined telling her and told her I could help her find something similar at a different store. Tracy looked at me with a stink eye and turned to another friend.

When I got home, my phone was blowing up from my friend group telling me I was a b**ch for “gate keeping” my clothes and that I should’ve just told Tracy.

However, I have some friends who sided with me and said I have the right to want to be unique and have my own style.


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