This Guy Chose to Watch a Football Game Over Going to a Wedding. Did He Act Like a Jerk?

Listen, I love sports and there are definitely times when I want to watch an important game that conflicts with an important event…so I suck it up, record the game, and watch it later.

It’s as easy as that!

But we both know that people have to make things as complicated as possible for some reason…

Take a look at this story and you decide whether this person acted like a jerk…

AITA for choosing a football game over a wedding?

“So my wife’s friend has a wedding coming up this Sunday that is a few hours away from where we live.

The bride is a close friend of my wife’s from college but I’ve only met her a handful of times and to be honest she kind of sucks. When we RSVP’d a year ago I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be traveling three hours and spending hundreds of dollars for someone I don’t even really like.

The other thing is that when I RSVP’d a year ago the NFL schedule wasn’t out. I know that sounds silly but for anyone who follows football this is a special, special week in sports history because Tom Brady is returning to play the New England Patriots.

For the Brits/non sports people: Tom Brady was the quarterback for the New England Patriots for 20 seasons and won 6 “championships” with them. He won a “championship” last year in his first season with Tampa Bay and has yet to return to New England. Until this Sunday.

I won’t get further into the drama (GOAT vs rookie QB, the Brady/Belichick debate) but suffice to say this game is monumental and is going to be quite literally historical. A once in a lifetime game for any football fan and especially for a diehard Patriots fan like myself. I can’t miss it.

To be honest I totally forgot about the wedding day until a few weeks ago and when I realize the date I was devastated but I didn’t know how to approach the wife. I knew it would look bad so last week I reached out to her gay best friend Tito and asked if he had any plans for this Sunday. He didn’t and was actually thrilled at the idea of accompanying my wife as a plus one cause he loves dancing.

So I floated this to her. And she flipped her s**t. She told me it was rude and disrespectful and also downplayed the importance of the game just like I knew she would. I told her Tito was happy to attend but she just gawked at me then started crying.

I know I *look* like the a**hole here but am I? I’m not friends with the bride, my wife is, and watching Brady growing up has effected my life more than the bride ever has or ever will.

I also get that bailing on a wedding costs the bride and groom money so to prevent that I went out of my way to find a replacement. I told my wife she could tell the bride I was sick and nobody’s gonna question that these days but she’s still livid.

So AITA? Or am I falling victim to a belief system that simply views football as a stupid game and nothing more?

Like I said, this game is literally once in a lifetime, something I’d tell my kids about.”

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