Parents Let 2yo Name Their PoGO Characters and the Results Are Hilarious

There are several reasons I’ve been hesitant to re-name any of my Pokémon in the game so far.

Practically speaking, I like using the “A-Z” function to organize them by type, but I think the main reason is that I have enough stuff to do – when the servers let me on – that re-naming Pokémon just hasn’t become a priority. Unless, of course, I’m evolving an Eevee.

Photo Credit: SeasideHank

And even then, that only works the first time around.

Well, that all might change now that I’ve seen what Imgur user june1920 has done: re-name all of their Pokémon with whatever his or her two-year-old called them.

Here are 25 examples of one kid naming Pokémon the darndest things:


Photo Credit: june1920


Photo Credit: june1920


Photo Credit: june1920


Photo Credit: june1920

If it walks like a Pokemon…


Photo Credit: june1920

And it’s a pain in the ass to catch.