Is It Healthier To Skip Washing Your Hair? — 4 Common Mistakes Most People Make In The Shower

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Showering is something pretty much everyone does, and while some people delight in stepping under the spray, others dread taking time out of their day to do something as mundane as wash their bodies.

Either way, most of us don’t want to spend more time in there than necessary. Are you maximizing your time? Are you getting as clean as you could? Are some of your practices more harmful than helpful?

Keep reading to find out!

#4. Taking a long, hot shower.

Right before you leave the shower, turn the water to freezing, then back to hot, then finally cold for 30 seconds.

The heat expands your capillaries, increasing blood flow, and the blast of cold can help you tolerate stress, promote weight loss, and lift your mood.

Long, hot showers dry out your skin and can make you sleepy – not ideal if you shower in the morning.

#3. Shampooing your hair every day.

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Your scalp needs to be hydrated and cleansed, but your actual hair dries out if stripped of essential, healthy oils on a daily basis.

Though different ethnicities will need to cleanse more often, literally no one needs to do it on the daily.

#2. Waiting to moisturize.


It might seem weird to spread lotion on your still-damp skin, but it’s as ready as it will ever be for hydration in that moment.

That, combined with the heat and humidity in your bathroom opening your pores, make right after your shower the absolute best time to lather it on.

#1. Only using conditioner on the ends of your hair.


You might think you’re saving money and doing no harm by only conditioning the tips of your hair, but the skin on your scalp needs the hydration, too.

So, are you ready to take the pledge and NEVER make any of these mistakes again?

No? Well, think about it and get back to us.

Me… I still hate showering, though.

Sue me.