Big Brother is watching. No, we’re not at the level of some other countries yet as far as surveillance, but there does seem to be more and more cameras watching our every move.

On street corners, businesses, while driving, etc. Google Maps captures the world around us, and they’ve accidentally stumbled upon some pretty weird and disturbing images. Take a look at these photos and prepare to be creeped out. Some are mysterious and some are downright chilling.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Somewhere out in the desert, a truck is parked next to…well, what is it? A UFO? From this bird’s eye view, it sure doesn’t look like a run of the mill…anything, really.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

This looks very sinister, doesn’t it? Did Google Maps capture the aftermath of a brutal murder? Or is there a more innocent explanation? Possibly a prank. We’ll most likely never know…


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Google Images captured this image of a lake in Sadr City, Iraq that is blood-red. As you can see, the surrounding lakes are normal colored, but this one is crimson. Curious…


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Apparently, this is a woman being kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a trunk. These terrifying images were captured from above. Let’s all hope the woman is okay.


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