Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

This photo was taken in 2016 near Deception Island off the coast of Antarctica. The image is grainy, but it looks as if it might be some kind of prehistoric sea monster. Who really knows what lurks in the depths in that part of the globe…


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Let’s take a break from the creepiness to enjoy a nice photo. What did she say? And why did he put it on top of a building? Did he think she was going to fly over and happen to notice? Maybe he should’ve thought this one out a little bit more…


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Kind of looks like the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, doesn’t it? This landform was photographed in Alberta, Canada. From this vantage point, it looks like a woman facing sideways. I think I’m right about the Nefertiti thing.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

What are the odds of getting this shot? They say this is a natural formation in the land, but from high above it looks like a man riding a white horse. I guess the guy is white, too. Very odd…


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

This lake was constructed, on purpose, to look like a man from high above in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Even though it’s intentional, it still looks pretty creepy. Kind of reminds me of the end of the film The Wicker Man (the original from 1973).


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