Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

A strange arrangement of rocks in Cumberland, Maine. What could they represent? A mini-Stonehenge? An altar? Very strange.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

I wonder who lives in this guitar-shaped mansion…David Lee Roth? Axl Rose? Maybe the guitar player from Whitesnake?


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Satanic panic from 30,000 feet. This “devil’s head” formation in the land outside Atlanta, Georgia is very eerie. It seems to appear out of nowhere. Avoid this area if you happen to be passing through Georgia. Perhaps it’s haunted.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

People see Jesus everywhere. Potato chips, sweat stains on a t-shirt, even water running down a wall underneath an overpass. So why not in a field from an airplane? I do have to say, it’s pretty dead-on.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

This confusing image was captured in the skies over Italy. No one know what it is or what caused it. From my point of view, it almost looks like an explosion, like the aftermath of the Challenger tragedy. What do you think?


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Who’s gonna miss a huge airplane parked on the ground in Brooklyn, New York? My gut tells me this is either a prank or some kind of optical illusion…or is it? The information about this image is lacking, so I guess it will remain a mystery…


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