5 Crazy Fan Theories About Your Favorite Holiday Films

Image Credit: Instagram

Few things get you in the spirit more easily than a cup of hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and your favorite holiday flick. That said, some people have watched their favorites so many times they don’t have to pay attention – leaving their brains free to come up with theories, instead.

Here are 5 of the craziest…and honestly, I kind of hope they’re true.

5. Buddy the Elf is a creep.

This one actually isn’t too hard to imagine for this meh-on-Will-Ferrell gal (me). Some people think that Buddy’s over-the-top childlike demeanor is just a ruse to lure children into his orbit.

He uses their connection to force his way into random homes, befriend young children, and stalk random women at a job no one actually hired him to do. Hm…

4. The Santa Clause proves the North Pole is full of…cannibals?

Twitter user Hannah Priest put this one into the universe. She thinks the elves have a too-casual response toward a new Santa just taking over. Plus, the casual way that elves and Mrs. Clauses go missing – not to mention the size of the kitchen oven – is bothersome, at best.

Make sure you read the whole theory here.

3. Santa’s obviously an exiled wizard from Harry Potter.

Santa’s magical after all, and floo powder sure would explain how he gets in and out of all of those chimneys.

Harry Potter magic could also explain why we can’t see him (invisibility cloak), how he can visit every house in one night (time turner), and pretty much everything else.


2. John Candy’s Home Alone character is actually the devil.


Gus Polinski – the “Polka King of the Midwest” – only appears after Mrs. McAllister says she would “sell her soul to the devil” if she could get back to Chicago and her son, Kevin.

Then, Gus (Candy) appears out of nowhere to offer her a ride.

He also plays the clarinet – a woodwind, considered the instruments of Satan.

1. And Kevin McAllister (Home Alone) grew up to be Saw’s Jigsaw.

In 2014, Jason Concepcion proposed the theory that there’s a connection between the two franchises – and it’s Kevin McAllister.

First, from a young age, Kevin showed quite a talent for setting up traps. Second, he’s obsessed with recorded video. Third, he doesn’t seem properly afraid of his supposed serial killer neighbor, more curious.

There’s a lot more, and you really need to read it for yourself!

Do you have any theories about your go-to holiday picks? Share them with us below!