This 10-Year-Old Girl Really Swung for the Fences with Her Christmas List

Image Credit: Twitter

Every year, someone asks what’s on your Christmas list. It’s understood that, once you’re out of college, no one actually cares what’s on your list – but as a kid…well, you just never know what you might get.

Are your parents feeling guilty because of a divorce or something? Are you used to getting what you want? Are you still pretending Santa brings you whatever you ask for?

If so, this 10-year-old girl might be your patronus because her parents would need to win the lottery to get her everything on her wish list.


It begins with your average (expensive AF) tech stuff – a Go Pro, Air Pods, a new computer and the latest iPhone.

Image Credit: Twitter

Then we get to the fun stuff – a real bunny, Hydro Flask, and essential (aschenal) oils.

Image Credit: Twitter

Before just asking for $4k in cash and designer handbags and shoes.

Image Credit: Twitter

You gotta love a girl who knows what she wants, right?


Her dad shared the list on Twitter, and honestly, no one is really mad her her.




What’s the craziest thing you ever asked for as a kid? I honestly can’t remember – I’m going to have to ask my parents!