5 Creative Ways People Have Made Over One Million Dollars

Photo Credit: Twitter

Money wouldn’t solve all of my problems, but it would solve a lot of them. Lottery tickets are an option, but there are other, slightly more reliable ways to make a million or more. They take a little work, but other people have had some impressive results.

Here are five fun ways to make $1 million (or even more!).

1. Sell creative lesson plans

One thing teachers are always short on is time. Coming up with lesson plans is challenging, and a lot of the ones that come with textbooks are boring or unrealistic. TeachersPayTeachers entered the market to meet that need. The lesson plans are all created by teachers and sold to other teachers, who can leave feedback. If you’re a creative educator, it’s a great way to make money, and multiple teachers have earned more than $1 million on the site.

2. Sell clothes online

Whether you have a closet of clothes that need a home or you love to hit thrift stores, you could make some serious dough selling clothing online. Poshmark, for example, allows you to sell on-trend clothing to other Poshmark users. eBay is also a great option for clothes that don’t quite meet Poshmark’s standards. According to Business Insider, Poshmark has paid out more than $1 billion to sellers, including Suzanne Cannon, who was Poshmark’s first seller to earn $1 million.

3. Be a YouTuber

Well, not just any YouTuber. Gamers and pranksters seem to do well, if Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTube stars is any indication. The top spot belongs to Ryan ToysReview, who has 17 million followers. Ryan also has his own toy line.

Ryan is also a child. Just fyi.


4. Invent something super-useful

Joy Mangano had always been a problem solver. She had a lot of flops along the way, but eventually she invented the Miracle Mop in 1992, a revolutionary self-wringing mop. She has now sold more than $3 billion in products worldwide and she has more than 100 patents and trademarks. She did all this because she saw a problem and came up with a unique, affordable solution.

5. Sell something that’s not so useful, but do it in a memorable way

Chia Pets aren’t the most useful item out there. Perhaps for that reason, they didn’t really take off at first, until marketer Joseph Pedott created that annoyingly distinctive jingle: “Chi-chi-chi-chia!” Some say it’s the most successful TV jingle of all time. While I’m not sure about that, the jingle certainly helped. So, even if you don’t have the most exciting product, if you can think of a clever way to market it, you too could be a millionaire.

Do you have other ideas for making a $1 million or more? Let us know! Seriously, please tell us.