These 15 Comparison Images Give a Little Perspective on the World


All of these comparison photos will really make you think.

And they might even make you look at the world in a different way…

1. Happy to be home!

The day after Asher was adopted in 2012 vs. today from aww

2. Urban/Suburban/Rural

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3. Snowfall

It’s been a good winter in Steamboat Springs from pics

4. Only 11 days

The difference 11 days can make for this maple tree from pics

5. Fat cat and skinny cat

Two skinny cats, and one fat one

6. Historical perspective

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7. Hahahaha

Movie vs real life from aww

8. WOW

Size comparison of my Maine Coon to my American Shorthair from aww

9. That’s a big difference

My brother and his friend, both age 13. We loved the difference in height. from pics

10. HUGE

The size of a tornado compared to the size of wind turbines. from pics

11. Not a happy camper

At the beach vs cleaning feet after from aww

12. Stairs

Stairs built in 1829 vs 2005 from mildlyinteresting

13. Yuck

Smoker vs non smoker from WTF

14. A different world

Graphics Then vs Graphics Now from gaming

15. The big city

I took this day and night shots of Barcelona city grids from different hours in one day from pics

Pretty cool, huh?