These 15 Comparison Images Give a Little Perspective on the World


All of these comparison photos will really make you think.

And they might even make you look at the world in a different way…

1. Happy to be home!

The day after Asher was adopted in 2012 vs. today
byu/EricaH121 inaww

2. Urban/Suburban/Rural

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3. Snowfall

It’s been a good winter in Steamboat Springs
by inpics

4. Only 11 days

The difference 11 days can make for this maple tree
byu/LazuliBunting32 inpics

5. Fat cat and skinny cat

Two skinny cats, and one fat one

6. Historical perspective

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7. Hahahaha

Movie vs real life
byu/cecibm007 inaww

8. WOW

Size comparison of my Maine Coon to my American Shorthair
byu/DefinitelyAverage inaww

9. That’s a big difference

[deleted by user]
by inpics

10. HUGE

The size of a tornado compared to the size of wind turbines.
byu/chakalakasp inpics

11. Not a happy camper

At the beach vs cleaning feet after
byu/JubJab123 inaww

12. Stairs

Stairs built in 1829 vs 2005
by inmildlyinteresting

13. Yuck

Smoker vs non smoker
by inWTF

14. A different world

Graphics Then vs Graphics Now
byu/HunsGraber ingaming

15. The big city

I took this day and night shots of Barcelona city grids from different hours in one day
byu/HDphoto inpics

Pretty cool, huh?