I thought I was a big hot sauce fan, but after learning about a guy named Vic Clinco, I realized I don’t know sh*t.

Clinco has 8,600 bottles of hot sauce in his Arizona home, and he’s still adding to his collection. The Guinness Book of World Records currently has someone else in the books as the record holder, but Mr. Clinco believes he has surpassed that collection because the other fella has barbeque sauces and salsas included in the count. For Clinco, it’s strictly about the hot sauce.

Let’s take a look at these photos of Clinco’s collection, shall we?

1. The man himself

2. That’s a lot of Cholula

3. CBD? Why not?!?!

4. Look at that collection

5. I’m blown away

6. Spicy shenanigans

7. Novelty sauces

8. Be careful with these…

9. Flasks

10. Those look scary

I need to make a trip to this guy’s house ASAP and pick his brain.