5 Great Gifts for Grandparents They’ll Actually Use

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Have you ever seen something and thought, “I wish I would have thought of that!” Maybe you haven’t, but a grandparent you know sure has! And you’ve undoubtedly heard one of them say, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!”

Yeah, bread didn’t used to be sliced. It was just a whole loaf. That was a thing.

Today we’re taking a look at 5 awesome gifts for this holiday season that will get your Mamo and Bampo talking like there’s no tomorrow. “What a handy gift!” they’ll exclaim. And they’ll be right. Because these are pretty darn great!

#1. Bug Bite Thing

Photo Credit: Bug Bite Thing

This handy, dead-simple tool has been a fave product of ours for many years, and the sharks on Shark Tank apparently agree!

Check out what happens when all five sharks are fighting over one product!

So why were they so excited?

Because the Bug Bite Thing actually works.


Listen, literally every single person on this planet has to deal with bug bites or stings.

And if you’re a grandparent and you have grandkids… you want to make sure they’re always taken care of when those bites strike!


Do you want to use expensive creams and ointments?

No, of course not. Because they don’t treat the actual cause of the bug bite.


But the Bug Bite Thing does. It sucks the irritant or venom out the wound with simple suction.

Plus, it’s completely reusable. Just wash it with soap and water, dry it off, and it’s ready to use again.

It’s so easy, we even made a meme about it! Because if there’s one thing grandparents love… it’s memes!

Click here and grab a couple today at their website or click here to pick one up on Amazon! The grandparents in your life will thank you!

#2. Oasis Diffuser – Waterproof Aromatizer

Photo Credit: Oasis Diffuser

As we get older, the one thing we all pay attention to is our health. That’s where essential oils can help. They aid in reducing stress, inflammation and all kinds of conditions you wouldn’t expect.


Oil diffusers have been growing in popularity, but what about when you get in the shower? That’s where the Oasis Diffuser – Waterproof Aromatizer comes in.


It’s a very simple idea. You fill up the bottles, turn on the diffuser and take a shower. All that beautiful smelling mist does the rest!

So what kind of essential oils should you use? You can go grab ANY kind really, but some of our favorite essential oils are blends from Zum.

Photo Credit: Indigo Wild

Put those two together, and those grandparents in your life will look at shower time in a whole new light!

Click here to pick one up today, and click here to check out those oil blends from Zum!

#3. 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

Photo Credit: 23andMe

Where did we come from? How did we all end up here? These are questions we ask our elders, but sometimes they either don’t know or can’t remember. You’ll give them insight into their ancestry and the traits that come along with that.

Photo Credit: 23andMe

Plus, you’ll give them reports about their health that may reveal things that they never saw coming.

Photo Credit: 23andMe

Click here to grab a kit for the grandparents in your life.

#4. Letters to My Grandchild

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Are you ready to cry? Yeah you are! Because what’s more weepy than thinking of a grandparent writing a letter to their grandkids that they’ll read in the future?

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Answer, nothing!

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

This book includes 12 prompted letters for grandparents to fill in with their memories, wit and wisdom.

And there are other books in this series too…

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Click here to check out all the titles! You may want to pick up more than just one!

#5. Did You Know 2020 Desk Calendar

Photo Credit: Did You Know

What do grandparents like more than hugs from their grandkids? Reading a new, fun fact every single day of the year! Like this one!

Photo Credit: Did You Know

Okay, we kid. Hugs are clearly better, but who in your life do you know who would be more inclined to look at a desk calendar every single day than grandma and grandpa?

For instance, did you know this about ghost peppers?

Photo Credit: Did You Know

Yeah, stay away from those ghost peppers! Yikes!

Click here and grab a Did You Know? 2020 Desk Calendar today!