5 Off-Putting Animals That Could Appear in Your Toilet

Image Credit: Pexels

Listen, I really do love all animals. I think mice are cute, I don’t kill bugs, even in the house (unless they’re flies or will sting/bite me) and I go out of my way to be kind, indoors or out.

But listen. Some animals are just inherently more dangerous than others, and the fact that some of the scarier ones could grab you at one of your most vulnerable moments – sitting down on the potty – is enough to give the kindest heart the heebie-jeebies.

If you’re wondering what sort of horror show could possibly show up in your toilet, come along – here are 5 that you probably wouldn’t want to sit on.

5. Snakes

Image Credit: Pexels

This is probably my number one fear, and that’s just a regular snake showing up in my house – in 2015, San Diego Animal Control removed a 5.5 foot-long boa constrictor from a toilet. Someone had noticed there was excessive water in the bowl, but when they used a plunger, something came up instead of flowing out.

She described it as “every person’s worst nightmare,” and it’s hard to argue.

Snakes popping out of toilets seems to be fairly common, and they can be dangerous. Cover up your bits and call an expert if it happens to you.

4. Frogs

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Frogs aren’t exactly scary, but they do jump, and every horror movie buff will tell you a jump scare will do the trick just fine in a pinch.

Millions of people have found frogs hanging out in their toilet bowl )or more than one). Experts advise putting a mesh screen over the toilet vent and keeping lights off at night, if you seem to have an issue with it.

3. Rats

Image Credit: Pexels

Rats can do anything they put their minds to, and crawling up pipes into your house is no exception. If you search YouTube you can find many, many people who have posted videos of rats entering their homes via the toilet, and pest control expert Eddie Marco confirms it could happen to anyone.

“It happens all the time, especially if you live in the basement or a first floor apartment. The pipe is empty, the rat crawls through the pipe and up over the hump and into the porcelain. And he can’t get back out.”

Maybe one day they’ll figure out that little trick, and then we’ll never know if they come and go.

I think that sounds worst, actually.

2. Opossums

Image Credit: Pexels

People tend to rag on opossums because they’re not exactly adorable, but they’re harmless and actually eat gross stuff, like ticks, so they’re ok by me.

I did not know they enjoyed a nice swim sometimes, though, but people have found them – big and small, dead and alive – in their toilet bowls.

Treat them kindly if they’re alive!

1. Squirrels

Image Credit: Pexels

Squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails, and they have some of the same bad habits of getting themselves into situations they can’t find a way out of – which includes exploring pipes and ending up in your toilet bowl.

If you can get it safely out and release it, great. If not, there are experts who are ready and willing to help.

I do not know for sure how I would handle any of these situations, but I think not well.

Has anything frightening ever shown up in your toilet? Share the story with us in the comments!