5 Online College Courses You Can Take for Free

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Today’s technology has made it possible for anyone around the world to take classes online. What used to be a rarity is now a popular educational route. In fact, some colleges and universities offer entirely online degree programs.

Taking an online class can be a great way to achieve a work-life balance. After all, not everyone can go to college straight out of high school. But with a laptop, internet access and the right attitude, anyone can get an education online by taking advantage of the right resources.

However, the topic of affordability shouldn’t be taken lightly. Online courses can still cost the same as traditional, in-person ones, and not everyone has the financial flexibility to take on that responsibility. Don’t stop your school dreams, though. Plenty of top colleges and universities offer online courses at no cost. Here are five online college courses you can take for free:

1. Learning How to Learn – McMaster University and University of California San Diego

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Whether you’ve taken college courses before or it’s your first one, there’s always something new to learn. And speaking of learning, there’s a science to how to best absorb and retain new information.

By taking “Learning How to Learn“, you can unlock mental tools that will help you breeze through your work. According to Yolanda Newton, Director of Education Revolution, “It’s a great course for anyone because in about 12 hours of coursework you can improve your own methodology to learn anything else.”

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2. Programming for the Web with JavaScript – University of Pennsylvania

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Anyone with an interest in computer science would do well to take advantage of UPenn’s online course in web programming. By signing up, you’ll get exposure to web programming basics, including how to create dynamic web pages using JavaScript.

You should have a basic knowledge of computer programming and core data structures before signing up.

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3. Artificial Intelligence – Columbia University

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From Alexa to Amazon Echo, artificial intelligence continues to become a more integral part of everyday life. Understanding how AI works can open up a new world of exploration, experimentation and discovery.

At Columbia University, you can take a free online AI course that lasts 12 weeks and requires about eight to 10 hours of work per week.

By the end, maybe you’ll be able to get your computer to do your homework for you.

4. The Science of Happiness – Berkley University

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Do we really know what makes us happy? By taking “The Science of Happiness” at Berkley,  you can gain a more thorough understanding of how to increase your happiness and productivity through lifestyle changes and good habits. The course takes about 19 hours to complete and is available in both English and Spanish.

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5. The Science of Parenting – UC San Diego

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There’s no one way to parent, but there are certainly some scientifically-proven tips that can make it a lot easier. Utilizing data and research, you can discover life-saving information that can help when it comes to feeding, sleeping and all the other aspects of parenting.

The five-week course requires about three to five hours a week. It may not sound like much, but any parent will tell you those precious hours add up.

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